The digital dollar is the end of Libra. A monthly pound in weight of silver is freedom.

The L on your British banknote means Libra (Latin for Pound).  That’s a Pound in weight of sterling silver.   Since England was founded 16 ounces of silver was a month’s pay – 1 LB – meaning Libra. 
Libra gives you liberty and livery.  Freedom and enough to live.  French word ‘livre’ is the same.  Digital money prevents you having liberty.  It can easily deprive you of livery.  Go back to where we started when paper money was linked to gold and silver.  Or better still carry hallmarked silver 1 oz pieces.  Move our economy back to silver.  TED The English Democrats. 

Beware the Digital Dollar:
Unveiling Its Terrifying Realities!
The purchasing power of the US dollar is rapidly dwindling. You have been deceived, as the government’s promises of financial stability crumble before your own eyes.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for you to move out of the high-risk zone and take immediate action to protect your wealth. The solution lies in the timeless power of an asset that the government, banks, and Wall Street don’t want you to have.

For years, the government has insisted that the dollar remains a reliable store of value, but the truth is far from what they would have us believe.
The silent erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power has left hardworking Americans like you vulnerable, as your savings and investments are silently devaluing.

It’s time to expose the deception and take decisive steps toward securing your financial future.

The signs of the dollar’s decline are impossible to ignore. Inflation is soaring and the cost of everyday goods and services are spiraling out of control.

The government’s assurances that this is merely a temporary phenomenon is an utter lie as the hardworking middle class struggles to make ends meet. The erosion of your purchasing power is no accident; it is a consequence of policies that prioritize short-term gains over your long-term financial security.

It doesn’t stop there. Amidst all the lies and chaos, President Biden snuck in Executive Order 14067. The Digital Dollar, poised to roll out soon, is the Fed’s sinister attempt to end privacy as you know it by tracking and controlling your every financial move.

Imagine a world where every aspect of your financial transactions is meticulously recorded, scrutinized, and controlled by the government. The Digital Dollar, as outlined in the Executive Order, is portrayed under a sinister guise of convenience with instantaneous access to funds via our phones that are ironically under constant full surveillance.

This shift grants unprecedented powers to the central authorities, jeopardizing the very essence of your privacy. It is a grave threat that you cannot afford to ignore.

Your personal choices will no longer be yours to make. The consequences are profound. The government can dictate how you spend your money, monitor your purchases, and potentially freeze your assets at will. The very essence of your personal freedom is at stake.

Act now with urgency to embark on a journey toward financial liberation where you not only Preserve, Protect, and maintain your Privacy but reclaim the peace of mind that has been mercilessly stolen from you.


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