Sending the world to hell – Gates.

The next global lockdown will be the lockdown of all lockdowns

The next round of lockdowns to be overseen by the WHO will be much worse than the covid lockdowns. WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will be able to wield unrestrained authoritarian tyranny on everyone all around the globe, forcing people to stay inside and “stay safe” indefinitely.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the powers that be will be able to maintain an all-seeing eye on everyone at all times – you didn’t really think those AI brain implants were actually about “saving lives” like Elon Musk claims, did you?

Bill Gates and his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are the biggest funders of the WHO, driving the organization’s tyrannical policies. Billy Boy just cannot wait until the next fake “pandemic” is launched, plunging the entire world right back into hell – a much worse hell than covid, by the way.

Covid was just the test run for what the WHO is planning for next time. The World Economic Forum (WEF), run by Klaus Schwab, is also involved with spearheading the scheme, which the Daily Exposé describes as follows:

“WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ will not only be concerned with pandemics. It introduces globally the ‘One Health’ ideology.

The concept recognizes the interdependence of human and animal health and the connection with the environment.

Through this One Health agenda, WHO will have the power to make decisions in matters relating to the environment (including greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and deforestation), animal health (e.g., livestock), and human health (including vaccinations, social determinants, and population movement). With these extended powers, WHO could readily declare a climate or environmental emergency and enforce lockdowns.”

The excuse for all this tyranny is that it must happen in order to provide a “ray of hope for addressing our global challenges.” In other words, the planet will die, we are told, unless all humans besides the “elite” are locked down and subjected to genocide.

In order to address the 14 “global challenges” that the WHO has identified – these include food, water, safety, security, soil health, and “comparative biology” – the powers that be must seize control over everything, including not just “people” but also “animals,” plants, waterways, and entire ecosystems.

To stop this nightmare from coming to fruition, a critical mass of humanity would have to first realize what is happening and agree to systematically resist. This includes the “enforcers,” i.e., law enforcement, coming to the realization that they are working on behalf of evil, prompting them to switch sides and fight for humanity instead.

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7 Responses to “Sending the world to hell – Gates.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “To stop this nightmare from coming to fruition, a critical mass of humanity would have to first realize what is happening and agree to systematically resist. This includes the “enforcers,” i.e., law enforcement, coming to the realization that they are working on behalf of evil, prompting them to switch sides and fight for humanity instead.”

    There is some hope in that statement. The enforcers here are certainly not up to the job of locking down all Brits, not a chance. There are ~140k police in the UK and a similar number in the armed forces, about 280k in total. To lock down 68 million Brits who are spread over a large area? That is 240+ each officer! Not a chance, particularly in inner cities and rural communities

    Even that assumes full compliance by all officers which is very very unlikely. Would the army open fire on the public if ordered to? Very hard to believe

    Further lots of those police officers are slobs who who sit on their fat arses all day, often in cars. Whenever do you see them walking anywhere? The old fitness standards are a thing of the past that is for certain

  2. Tapestry says:

    This is why we have maybe 300,000 Albanian, Iraqi, Afghanistani thugs, I mean UN soldiers occupying all the hotels across our land.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Are they all police officers then, instantly ready to act on behalf of the British State? Do we have any confirmation of that assumption from any reliable sources?

      That’s certainly not what I’m hearing from my region. Where I’m told that many of these folk are scratching a living, filling up their hotels with scrap metal, and the like, to try to earn a few extra bob on top of their benefits. I’ve heard that direct from eyewitnesses too

      And I’m also hearing that many of these immigrants don’t seem very well disposed towards the British authorities either. Often viewing them as oppressors rather than potential employers

      All this is anecdotal I admit but still, how is this rabble supposed to form a coherent and effective force overnight? Wouldn’t unleashing such a rabble be counter productive and lead to chaos, risking the breakdown of society. Which surely even the bad guys don’t want. They would be losing their main cash cow if that happened

      • John says:

        Personally I would say they’re both. Some are foreign citizens who have been invited over and promised a better life by the UK Government. In with those I suspect you have UN troops as Tap suggests ready to enforce whatever they’re told. Probably with violence. Lock downs, fines, vaccine mandates etc. You would have a mix so there’s an air of credibility with the non troops. Ian Crane said Peter Sutherland told him in person they are going to destroy the Anglo Saxons/indigenous Europeans/whites and they will get away with it because we wouldn’t believe it’s happening. They are also going to use our compassion and naivety against us.

        I would suggest we ignore what is happening and turn a blind eye at our peril. A breakdown of society and a rebuild in the rulers favour is exactly what they want.

        “The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.”

  3. Tapestry says:

    Yes Pete. There was a bomb scare at the Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury in December? (reported in Shropshire Star – search The occupants were evacuated into a local church where many local groups were meeting. One run by a friend of mine. He said they were all male, all young and of military age and looked like the bouncers posted outside night clubs in town – thuggish. The women present felt extremely nervous from the way the men were looking at them.
    John Looney did a video after speaking with an army officer in secret (Black Watch regiment) saying these were UN soldiers being brought in by his own regiment and the RNLI. They will be activated when the crisis comes and go door to door dragging people out of their homes as required and doing road blocks. No doubt rape will be ‘permitted’.

    The UN and WHO are both fully supported by the UK. The Teds (The English Democrats) demand English Independence from the UK and for the treaties to be nullified. Stay Free Another 1000 Years.

  4. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Ok both John and Tap, you could well be correct. But I hope that you aren’t!

    I was a dedicated boy scout as a teenager, I had some great growing up experiences. I learned to camp, cook and look after myself properly. The moto was “Be Prepared!”. It’s a good way to live your life too. Applies more than ever now too doesn’t it

    ps. there was a paedophile in our scout troop, a Church of England lay preacher. He was a fiddler rather than anything worse. But he left me and my bro alone, probably because he knew that we wouldn’t take any shit, and we were both big and strong. He picked on the weaker kids

    When we found out about it from several other scouts then, we were at our annual summer camp, which we all absolutely loved. So bro and I consulted the troop in private, no adults involved. We all agreed to expose him AFTER the camp was over, didn’t want to spoil our fun!

    We blew him up when we got back and he suddenly disappeared never to be seen again. Nothing official was said, he just never came back. Nobody cared what happened to him as long as he was gone

  5. Tapestry says:

    Bit grim but sorted….I suppose he had to scout around after that. Sorry. POETS day.