Secret pedo networks operate within schools

My son attends a private school where he was complaining about a teacher hitting him, kicking him and dragging him by the collar, as well as shouting at him.  I told him that next time the teacher does this , to stand back and shout at him ‘you kicked me’ or ‘you hit me’ in front of his classmates.  It is the sports teacher or  Sports Director actually, and witnessed by twenty other boys, he attacked again the very next day, and my son duly carried out his instruction to complain and refuse to take part further in whatever was going on.

We filed a complaint with the school immediately.

They said they would investigate but first would report the incident to the Local Authority who decided not to investigate after two days without speaking to us.

The school investigation took place a week later and my son was put through several meetings with the accused teacher present at each, profusely apologising, and we were told the school thought that the incident was accidental, or rather unintentional.  We were asked not to talk about it again, and we wrote to the teacher accepting his version of events to let our son have some peace as he was looking very worn down and depressed by all the meetings, held without proper support for him.

We were assured that there would be changes by the Deputy Head, and that we need not worry about further assaults on our son.  What more could we ask for?

Since then, there have been no further assaults, but there has been continued shouting at pupils on a regular basis from the same teacher, and we have noticed our son being strangely dropped from sports teams usually after a brilliant performance.

He scored fifty runs and bowled a hat trick, taking four wickets in two overs hitting stumps (only two overs per bowler).  Next match he was demoted to a lower team.  In football, he played in the first team aged 11, when they won the match 2-1 and he was mysteriously dropped the next game, along with a friend who is also a very strong player.

I warned the headmaster what was going to happen next as the school’s first team is generally weak.  I predicted a loss of at least 5-0 in the next game at morning drop-off.  In fact they lost 7-0.  The team entered a contest at Shrewsbury School two days later, played 6 matches and conceded 20 goals to zero in the day.  Next match was lost 8-0.  That’s 34 goals conceded in a week versus zero!!!!!  The year before in the Under 11’s the school made the Final, and won a competition at another school.

My son is actually relieved not to be in the A team as he says there is no shouting from the coach in the B team and it’s actually fun, and there is always shouting from the Director and no one can relax or laugh.

However the Director is also the one who chooses the positions on field in the Bs as well.

The striker who usually gets at least one goal each match has been consigned to the wing and can’t easily strike.  My son who plays left wing is placed at full back where there is not much he can do to win games.   In one club tournament recently he scored nine goals in one day and that’s how football teams win matches – by scoring goals.  He is slight in build and very quick, and not suited to playing fullback against boys two years older and six inches taller than himself (11 versus 13 years old), but on the wing he can find space and change outcomes.

In his club he is acknowledged by the coach as the best player in his year, winning man of the match over and over.  Later on I might upload a video of him playing and try to get a written report from the Coach at his football club and put it up here – maybe over the weekend.  I’ll then update and repost this.


I have spoken to other parents.  It seems there is a pattern to the teacher’s behaviour, with star performers barred from playing for the school.

One told me her elder son never played even once for the school’s first team despite being possibly the best player in  the school.  He and his father pleaded with the Director asking what he needed to do to be chosen.  At Shrewsbury School he went straight into the school side (150 boys in a year against 25 at Prestfelde) and has played there ever since.  It seems we are not alone.

A hockey player at the school right now has been selected to play for Shropshire but has yet to be given a game for the school.  His family cannot understand why and are also asking what more they need to do to be chosen.  There is definitely a pattern in the Director blocking people who could win games.  He is the only one I’ve ever come across in my longish life who does this – a freak.  I checked out with a colleague of his from his former school Birchfield and they said he was exactly the same there, running only with a group of favourites, and no one else got a look-in.  This person knew him extremely well.

The role he plays at the school leaves scars.  Old boys I have played cricket with for Shrewsbury Cricket Club say things like ‘I hate Mr X’ (10c years after leaving the school) or ‘Mr X hates kids’  and ‘Mr X has no common sense’ and ‘No one likes Mr X’, although strangely my son says he is a good classroom teacher with biology, but goes mental when it comes to sports.

Maybe those in the favoured sporting inner circle think he’s wonderful.  I’ve no idea.  It can’t be much fun losing 34 goals to nil in a week.  It will be interesting to observe how he moves from here.

Prove me wrong in the comments below.

We agreed to be part of a cover up when asked to keep quiet about the physical assault, in order to protect our son from more ‘meetings’ and we agreed to not talk about what happened, as long as the abuse stopped.  In my opinion it hasn’t stopped and we are again concerned at the situation.  Barring players from teams without justifiable reason is abuse.  Putting them to play in wrong positions to stop them scoring goals is abuse.

If you recognise anyone in this text, you are entitled to tell me I’m wrong or add your thoughts in the comments below.

To try and give this story a happy ending, here is my son singing and playing keyboard.  He’s got two more years at this school as he likes the music staff and all other teachers, has many friends and doesn’t want to leave despite the freak show going on in the sports arena.

(Please let it end!)

I’ve been invited to a meeting next Thursday at 4pm by the school, and will see what the school has to say then.  I will be telling them that they’re picking on the wrong guy, and they need to try out some weaker targets if they want abuse going on in the school.  We’ve been 100% cooperative and been shit on all over again.  Surely the school needs to move on.  We definitely do as do many other families who have similar complaints.  If the school doesn’t take action this time, their reputation is seriously at risk, not just for the sports nightmare many are put through, but also for failing to act decisively when abuse is reported.  Of course an eleven year old child isolated and confronted with a bully teacher will back down.  It was a set up.

I see silence as the most dangerous course of action when dealing with abuse against children, and of course silence is all the school wants.

The bully is gaining in confidence, and is re-establishing himself after the investigations fade away from his memory.  He is failing in his duty to put up sensible teams into competition, and seems to be attempting to inflict more damage on children to boot in his usual manner, albeit at this stage, that it’s more psychological than it used to be.  Psychological is actually worse for the victim than physical, as I can testify from schooldays long ago.  You can get over being hit fairly quickly (depending on the severity of course) but not evil manipulation designed to break your confidence.

Vigilance at the school seems poor, and supervision is not apparent.

Do they even think they have a problem?

I’ll find out next week.


Today Sean is again being played at Fullback which made him look down at the ground when he heard – a position totally unsuited to his abilities and size, and it will inevitably stop him scoring goals.  If the freak is trying to keep Sean (and his friend) out of the A team, he obviously has to stop him scoring hat tricks of goals in the B team, as he will do, if he is played in his normal position at left wing.

People would start asking questions.

That is exactly what people need to be doing – right now – asking questions and not going quiet any longer.

I would ask all parents at the school to share this post around and make sure everyone in the school knows what has happened and what is happening still.

Silence is not working.  Maybe openness will.  Sean and others needs your help and maybe your child could be next.

I don’t think the school gets it.  They are in denial, and they need to be told by the parents to wake up to the freak show going on every day right in their midst.

Are we proud of losing 34 goals to nil in a week purely to massage the ego of a very strange man who should never have been given the job in the first place?

If the local authority won’t act, and the head won’t act despite many attempts to communicate with him which he’s tried to brush off, then we, the parents, have to let the school know what they have to do, while the school’s reputation as a strong sporting school teeters on the brink.

Please help us, parents.

Prestfelde does not need this mistake to go on any longer.

Our family has kept quiet for a year.  We are not going to be quiet any longer.

Sean is not leaving the school.  He will be there two more years, and from hereon this topic is live and in public until it is dealt with.

I regret any damage to the school’s reputation, but I’m sorry.  My son’s happiness and health is far more important than the hopefully short term upset going open on this will cause.

In the picture below (removed after family request) he is looking happy after the tournament when he scored nine goals in one morning in July 2023, when his team yet again won a series.

Hello Prestfelde?  Apparently not interested….

UPDATE 2 – Saturday –  Happy days.  A glimmer of hope.  A different teacher took control of today’s Under 12s game, thankfully.  He is younger and has no freakery about him.  Sean was back at left wing, and they won another game of football – as is the norm – this time at 5-3.  He was taken off for two minutes and in that time the oppo scored 2 goals.  He was brought straight back on after the second goal to launch an immediate reply score.  Yes I’m biassed as a parent but how many times does it happen that the opposition scores when he’s subbed off?

If the Under 13 As are getting sick of losing 50 goals to zero, Sean’s keen to get back with them, and win more games of football, ending the school’s misery.  Come on Prestfelde.  You can do it.   There are other talented players involved in this sadness, but I will not name them.


UPDATE 3 –  Thanks for all the messages of support.  None of an opposite persuasion.  Some are very supportive indeed saying the story is well explained.  One or two parents are very angry indeed.

The problem will be if the school digs in and can’t understand what the situation is.  They live in a different reality where parental viewpoints are sidelined, while their minds have been reframed to the point that they accept the unacceptable.

We are accused of being the ones having wrong perception.

It is they who have no grasp on what is really happening.

Or the school secretly approves of psycho abuse especially of boys.  It does seem to be the case.

I know of no girl sports stars blocked from teams.

In the playground girls never get detentions.  They can assault a boy.  He retaliates and the boy cops it. Same in the classroom.  There has to be a reason for all of this.

The school symbol is the four corners of heaven, same as Starbucks cafe has, which signifies the Pleiades.  That’s where the reptilians are said to come from……..

As for the phallic sword through the ring, you couldn’t make a better representation of anal rape if you tried.

The worst thing of all of this is that Sean a tiny boy of 11 stood up to his abuser with enormous courage, shouted at him, and told his parents what was happening, but then the school covered up.  They never invited us his parents to come into the school and give our side of the story, then or since.  They dragged him through meeting after meeting with his abuser, until he caved in.  The headmaster seems a nice man but very weak.  He should have got rid of the abuser instantly.  The fact that the Headmaster covered up and protected him is to his eternal shame, as I told him.

The Deputy Head seems potentially a lot stronger a character, but he’s only deputy.  No doubt the organisation they work for is riddled with pedophiles – being a church foundation, and they were told how to handle this situation from on high.  The church after all are the experts in stopping exposure of what’s going on.  Teachers feel safe to abuse and know that it will be covered up nicely, and that’s why the head teachers pay is as high as it is, so they obey.

The lesson for the headmaster is if a child has the courage to speak out about abuse, don’t use all the tricks in the book to crush him down again.   Don’t do what your employers hiding in the background are telling you to do.  Follow your own instincts as to what is right or wrong.  Put your job on the line to protect the children in your care, not your salary.  Don’t obey evil that hides in the shadows.  Headmasters and headmistresses  are appointed by people that hide.  They are chosen for their weakness as much as their strengths so the networks that abuse children can prey using teachers that are carefully allowed into place.  The parents trust the nice smiling face that meets them every day at the school, but they only work for others who they never see.

Sadly Sean’s headmaster got it wrong.  He wanted to keep his salary and did what his paymasters required of him.  He is totally naive as to the depth of evil that is all around him.  For him this is a tragedy.

The Headmistress of my other son’s school had it right.  I asked her how she saw her role.  My job, she said, a Catholic nun in her eighties heading up another church school, is to keep the paedophiles away, she said.  Keep them at bay, and let the children play.  That school was the most successful that I’ve ever known, and she took no shit from anybody.

The rest are riddled with the plague of secretly abusive and pedo teachers.

A teacher at Prestfelde was netted by a Police Online Porn Operation and dismissed a few years ago.

A teacher at Prestfelde was netted by a Police Online Child Porn Operation a few years ago, and was dismissed.

BBC NEWS | Education | School ‘had checked’ child porn case teacher

Many of the school heads are regular family men and women who often have absolutely no idea as to how the pedo networks operate.  The music teacher at Sean’s last school, yet another private school in Shrewsbury, was trying his luck too, abusing him with humiliation and barring him from the choir and other musical opportunities, but luckily we got Sean out of there before it got too far out of hand.  The Head there was party to the humiliation so cannot be seen as naive like the current one.  He might learn his lesson.  Let’s see.

This is simply a pattern we see now, and we know exactly what we are up against.

A teacher at Prestfelde was netted by a Police Online Child Porn Operation a few years ago, and was dismissed.

BBC NEWS | Education | School ‘had checked’ child porn case teacher

Wise up parents.  Your children are not as safe as you think they are.

Schools will get glowing reports from the Inspectorates but that’s only because they don’t rock the system’s boat……

As soon as their abusers get thrown out, no doubt their ratings will dive to the floor.

Look for schools with poor ratings from the Inspectorates.  They might well be a lot safer.

Best of all find a headteacher that local people know you can trust, but then most parents are horribly naive about the threat, and might have got it wrong.


3 Responses to “Secret pedo networks operate within schools”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The link keeps getting deleted to teacher child porn story at Prestfelde so I keep reloading it.
    BBC NEWS | Education | School ‘had checked’ child porn case teacher

  2. Belyi says:

    Why not remove him from the school? There must be other places he can go or, alternatively, he could perhaps join a home schooling group.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Good suggestion. Thanks, Belyi. The situation is on the brink. Will the Head suddenly wake up and do the right thing? Or is he a company man who does what his paymasters tell him to do. If he does have a brain of his own and it starts to function, my son will stay at the school. If the staff are really determined to keep a freakishly incompetent known abuser as head of sports at the school, we will definitely be on our way. We love the head of music at Prestfelde and admire Maths, Science and English teachers especially, but it will make no difference. We will look elsewhere rather than face two more years of stupidity and nastiness that runs off the scale of acceptability in Sports. I have raised the issue many times and cannot keep on doing so. For the good teachers in the school it’s a tragedy. It only takes one rotten apple in the box, and the box needs throwing away.