2 Responses to “Ron Paul. Imagine. US President. Instead of Obomba.”

  1. Gordon says:

    NPP please include links all I see is the title.

    That said it’s nice to see someone gets up in the morning to do some posting.

    I have to agree with the title that as one of my all-time favourite congressmen Ron Paul takes the cake while Obongo gets a fail.

    As a congressman, Ron always struck me as a true statesman speaking the truth with common sense, approachable and one who would listen to you with empathy, a quality few statesmen have.

    Like father, like son, Rand has followed his father’s footsteps and attributes many of his qualities. I particularly liked Rand’s Congressional Hearings with Anthony Fauci and taking no BS from the Satanic weasel.

    • NPP says:

      The video is clear & clickable my end. I disable Brave for TAP.

      Link added.

      Ron Paul is almost faultless in my eyes. For his age, quite remarkable.