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Ritualistic witchcraft at Burning Man

(74) Burning Man 70,000 Stranded / FBI MK ULTRA / Hugo Talks – YouTube

Satanic imagery, initiating people into witchcraft – intelligence gathering experiment.  A kakophany society.


Big money involved.  Nothing random here.  Freemasonry.  It used to be called The Suicide Club.  Now the kakophany society.

Street pranks.  Trying to influence society.  A psyop group.  Dark Saturnalia.  Hugo Talks.

Don’t go there is his advice.  It’s leading humanity away from the protection of God.  Great song at the end written by Hugo.


One Response to “Ritualistic witchcraft at Burning Man”

  1. Gordon says:

    Geoengineering strikes again. Burning Man 2023 rained out. Burning rescheduled.