THE Government has passed a bill allowing authorities to use “reasonable force” to enter homes and ensure smart meters are installed.

Reporting in The Daily Sceptic, David Craig, author of There is No Climate Crisis, says Britain is set to “create a totalitarian regime which will intrude on people’s lives, restrict people’s freedoms, wreck the economy and immiserate our country to fix a problem which doesn’t even exist”.

Just nine MPs voted against the bill, which appears to have been rushed through just two days after they returned from their summer break.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    You can remove them legally. Just get a lecky to add another meter and report that each month. It costs a bit but they’ll soon get bored. The law says it is your property and you can choose what you do. It is the government which is breaking the law complying with international treaties with UN, WHO, WEF, EU. England must leave them all and the UK and nullify all the treaties. STAY FREE ANOTHER 1000 YEARS. English Democrats.

    • newensign says:

      Quite right Tap, I wondered if anyone would spot that! Trouble is they are playing on people’s ignorance, for everything churned out by Parliament is null and void if contrary to the law of the land and if not it requires the consent of the person it is applied to! Yes, one can remove a smart meter, but you need to give them notice and to collect the removed one and charge them a daily storage fee!

      • Gordon says:

        Yes, now where did I read that? If I’m not mistaken the charge was £25 per day.

        I can’t remember all the details now but I was getting pestered by an energy company I was with at the time to have a smart meter installed. After about three or four letters over two years, I had had enough and got hold of the chap in question on the phone and stated to him that I would not be having a smart meter installed and that the government and his energy company have no right to insist or enforce me to have one installed. I explained to him that it is I alone who decides what can or cannot be installed on or in my property and that it is I alone who decides what can come in or out of my front door. He was not pleased with me and his tone changed to one of acrimony but after that conversation, I heard no more from that utility company regarding smart meters.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    These are the Common Purpose vermin responsible for implementing the Smart Meter Scheme.


    • newensign says:

      Thanks for that link Sovereigntea. Yes, I agree, they are scum!

    • sovereigntea says:

      How quaint a sovietesque 5 year plan for SMART stasifying every piece of electrical equipment in the land whilst GCHQ monitor this vast data gathering network keep us all safe.


      1. Chief Executive’s Foreword
      At the DCC our purpose is to make Britain more
      connected so we can all lead smarter, greener lives.
      Every year, as part of our licence conditions, we
      produce a five-year Business and Development Plan
      that sets out our strategic objectives and plans.
      In operating the network we maintain a security
      posture and resilience expected of an asset deemed
      to be Critical National Infrastructure. Working closely
      with our colleagues at GCHQ and the National Cyber
      Security Centre, we will continue to enhance our
      security protocols and policies that enable us to detect
      and respond effectively to emerging cyber threats.
      The DCC and the smart
      metering network
      Since being awarded the licence in 2013, the DCC has designed,
      built, and now manages the telecommunications technology
      infrastructure that underpins the smart meter roll-out. At scale,
      the smart metering system will support secure data communication
      across 100 million devices in 30 million premises, as well as
      delivering the central systems needed to support faster, more
      reliable switching

      REPORT !



      • newensign says:

        Many thanks for this additional info Sovereigntea. It just goes to show why they are all so keen to get us all on smart meters!

        • sovereigntea says:

          Another prong of the Eco-Devil’s fork – LAURA SANDYS CBE
          The Energy Digitalisation Taskforce was commissioned by BEIS, Ofgem and Innovate UK in the UK’s first Energy Digitalisation Strategy, to continue our focus on modernising the energy system to unlock flexibility and drive clean growth towards net zero emissions by 2050.2 In January 2022, the Taskforce published their report, setting out six overarching recommendations, each with a suite of actions for BEIS, Ofgem and industry to spur a modern, decarbonised digital energy system.3 We welcome the Taskforce’s report and would like to acknowledge and thank the Energy Systems Catapult, Laura Sandys CBE as independent chair


          • newensign says:

            Thanks again Sovereigntea for this additional info. This will all link in to the digital currency roll out so that they can deny you services if you have been a “naughty boy” and with modern cars they will be able to switch your car off. it the ULEZ regs. are ignored

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I can’t see how this will be enforceable with anyone who knows their rights. Just like the scamdemic then the authorities will try and use bluff to get into your home. But all you have to do is refuse entry and NOBODY has the right to force entry. A warrant from a court is required for that

    So if you smile sweetly and say “I do not wish to contract with you today, goodbye” and then shut the door they will be powerless

    All of the so the called “covid regulations” were essentially voluntary. Entry was gained by invitation only. This if the occupant was unwise enough to let them in when they asked

    This was confirmed to me by some plod police that I know. They hated covid enforcement jobs. Viewing them as a complete waste of time. Often when they turned up to enforce covid regulations in a tough neighbourhood then, they would knock on the door, the occupant opened the door, took one look and said “Eff off”. And then shut the door again. They had a choice, go and get a warrant, or mark the file “attended property and spoke with occupier”. Guess which choice they made 🙂

    We are not living in a fascist state just yet, thank God. Police are not all inhuman State enforcers, far from it

    • newensign says:

      Thanks Pete, as I commented to Tap, I wondered if anyone would spot it was was unlawful to force smart meters on people. It is good to see there are many clued-up people on Tap!.

      • sovereigntea says:

        Using duress or force to impose / inflict the terms of a contract renders that contract null and void. Add that to the fraudulent CO2 claims woven into the scheme.

        Fraud vitiates everything !

  4. sovereigntea says:

    LOL we left the EU ……so they say.

    BEIS and Ofgem stakeholder group

    About the group

    The EU developed EU-wide Framework Guidelines and Network Codes, which could have far-reaching implications for Britain’s gas network system.

    Along with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) we recognised that many stakeholders have already engaged with these issues at a European level. We were also aware of the need to consolidate these efforts and develop a UK position that shows leadership on these network code issues.

    The EU Gas Network Codes Stakeholder Group was set up with the aim of drawing together stakeholder views, informing the UK negotiating position and taking a proactive stance on the development of a European target model, thus developing an influencing strategy to help deliver our objectives. This continued work previously carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

    Further information is available in the DECC-Ofgem EU Gas Network Codes Stakeholder Group Terms of Reference.