On guard for the liberty of mankind

Last minute opportunity!!! If you can come please do! 26 amazing speakers with 2 days of workshops

Sept 29-Oct 1, fabulous conference outside Stockholm, Sweden where we plot together how to stop the Great Reset


Come meet Catherine Austin Fitts, Martin Armstrong, Sasha Latypova, Pierre Kory, Andrew Bridgen, Wolfgang Wodarg, David Bell, me, etc. Ed Dowd and Aaron Siri will zoom in. You are unlikely to find a lineup like this anywhere else in the world.

Public enrollment has just opened today!

Come join us for 3 days of talks (1 day) and 2 days of working together to understand the Reset and to turn it around. Icelandair is advertising $350 flights to Scandinavia today. The event is being held at a resort about 15 miles from Stockholm’s airport. Your spouse might be interested in the golf or spa treatments available, as well as other amenities. I will post the detailed program soon.

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