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Nullification – way to go

There are many assaults on private property, liberty, freedom and sovereignty. C40, UN Agenda 21/2030 Agenda, Great Reset, Smart Cities, Amendments to the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty and of course the UN itself is waging war against private property etc. etc. etc. We cannot fight all of these battles and they know it. This is why I have chosen to fight back at a state level using Nullification. We have legislation with sponsors here in TN to establish a legal, binding process to invoke Nullification. Our goal is for this to go beyond just Tennessee. Please join us. tncss.substack.com and our website has a lot of great information tncss.weebly.com

I highly recommend following James Roguski and Dr. Meryl Nass so you know what is going on. Again, we will never comply our way out of tyranny. We have to stand up, stand together and REFUSE to comply no matter the consequences, sacrifices or inconveniences.

ONE EARTH, ONE FAMILY, ONE FUTURE by James Roguski – the sad part is that I believe these countries are being sold a pack of lies in order to get their buy-in and probably a few bucks passing over their palms. They think the WHO really cares about the health of their country’s people. Well they will find out soon enough that the WHO is more like the military arm of the UN not a health agency. We will find out too and very soon. Things are moving at lightning speed because they know their time is limited. I would like to know what gives these unelected sociopaths the authority to tell any country what to do??? ARTICLE

Catherine Austin Fitts and Sasha Latypova – Must see interview with Sasha Latypova and Catherine Austin-Fitts – connect the dots folks……we are under a global land grab using fire and pathogens – Please do not forget the plan is to seal off 75% of all land from any human presence and this is documented folks!! Thanks to James Roguski – 5 min. VIDEO

The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics – James Corbett and Dr. Meryl Nass – 17 min. VIDEO

HERE is the article Dr. Nass wrote. for Brownstone.

My dire warnings about the plan to aggressively hunt for “potential pandemic pathogens” has been heeded–but by only one US agency by Dr. Meryl Nass – ARTICLE

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“A problem between your ears cannot be solved with a surgery between your legs.” Dr. Ana Loupis


Tuesday September 12, 2023 Truth Bomb


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