3 Responses to “Lee West: Undercover in a French Migrant Camp and Making the Dangerous Channel Crossing in a Dinghy”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks sov, that is very interesting, and informative about the current hordes of migrants crossing the channel

    He confirms that, in his experience then, they are mainly economic migrants rather than refugees. According to him, most of these guys land in the south or the east of the EU first as a refugee and are then processed there. As soon as they CHOOSE to move on to France then they become an economic migrant, not a refugee. That is surely correct

    He also confirms that most of them are fit young military age men. Virtually no women or kids. They need to be fit to handle the lifestyle

    He doesn’t say anything about the role of the “Aid” agencies in all this. Other than they are omnipresent in the French camps. So why would that be? I suspect that they are to some degree facilitating for the migrants

    He also mentions the “No Borders” fanatics who definitely ARE facilitating for the economic migrants. What’s the odds on those groups being funded by the state, or one of its tame NGO fronts? High I imagine

    There really is no excuse for any of this. Governments could fix all this in short order if they chose to, I’m certain of that. They clearly don’t want to fix the problem, any of them. Regardless of what they say

    I am so certain about that because of my old man’s experience post WW2. He was a Waterguard Customs Officer. They carefully monitored ALL craft approaching the English coast. There were plenty of eyes on the ports and beaches too. Including, harbourmasters, coastguards, life boatmen, fishermen etc etc. Other than in the very remotest spots of course. Even there the locals helped the authorities if they saw suspicious activities. The flow of contraband was very low as a result. So why is it so difficult today? It’s a matter of will

  2. Belyi says:

    I don’t think that countries like the UK are wanting to stop these migrants. There is another agenda at play here and it’s all probably part of the Coudenhove Kalergi plan to dilute the white population of the West.

  3. Belyi says:

    I don’t feel any respect for men and women who have willingly gone to countries in which they have no business at all, just to kill and subdue the local population for an agenda they obviously haven’t understood.

    Things were different in the days of conscription but now it just seems to be a career choice.