Hawaii’s Deep State Billionaires

  • Tech moguls are crowding the islands of Hawaii
  • Many of them got their start with the deep state, and front its projects
  • The lair of Oracle, Palantir, Facebook, Amazon, and entertainer Oprah
  • 3-Letter agencies have historically been linked with land grabs
  • CIA helped Disney secretly buy Florida, but its roots go back centuries
  • Intel was founded to suppress the people after Henry VIII seized the monasteries
  • Maui’s fires still defy explanation, while Lahaina remains locked down
  • The clue is in the coordinated failure of officials, unleashing a new opportunity
  • For corporate interests diverting water and forcing people off their land

The Maui fires have dropped off the mainstream headlines. The media barely carried any in-depth eyewitness accounts, such as usually accompany such events.

The story tends in at least five directions: the victims; the response of the State; who benefits; the billionaire residents of the islands; and the vested interests they serve.

1) The victims
The most pressing issue is how many children have been lost. FBI and FEMA make it hard to contest official accounts, since most of Lahaina is now behind an eight-foot fence to stop reporters or relatives entering. Cell service and Internet is restricted, drones are jammed.

2) The response
We have to look behind the first responders and the bureaucrats, many of whom would logically be defensive about their role in the disaster.

Criticism does not help establish what happened, and most of that criticism has been aimed at fire fighters, water authorities and police, rather than the billionaires, corporations and powers whose interests they serve.

The policeman who blocked Front Street in Lahaina, and stopped people from fleeing the flames, told witnesses that he was only following orders.

For the sake of the children, we are obliged to investigate those who gave the orders; those behind not only the public servants who coordinated the failure, but also behind the billionaires.

3) Qui bono
Fingers are already pointing at the billionaire land owners. Local residents claim that the wealthy residents of Maui arranged protection for their homes before the fire broke out, but that cannot be confirmed so we won’t go there.

Oprah Winfrey, billionaire media executive, is one of the biggest landowners in Hawaii. Her initial response did not help. In the immediate aftermath of the fire she brazenly failed to extend comfort to her neighbours, saying: “I will make a major donation after all of the smoke and ashes have settled here and we figure out what the rebuilding is gonna look like.”

Since Hawaii’s governor Josh Green had just announced he was considering restrictions on rebuilding, and perhaps government taking the land for a memorial park, Oprah’s comments were grist to the rumour mill.

What is known is that for more than a century, plantation owners seized land and diverted water, and when the plantations closed, the mansions which replaced them used the same diverted water, and continued to acquire land.

Billionaires today accumulate acres that often surround pockets owned by Native Hawaiians, who are then forced to sell their land.

4) Behind the billionaires
The most prominent billionaires in Hawaii are the Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs, and many of these got their start with the deep state. In many cases, they are fronts for the Pentagon, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the intelligence agencies, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the CIA, and the latter’s talent spotter, the investment fund In-Q-Tel.

The intelligence agencies use the state corporate media to disguise their activities with son et lumière — a show of lights and music that keeps most of the population distracted.

Think the Burning Man festival, whose 70,000 attendees in Nevada find themselves flooded out — but with the state corporate media spinning scare stories about ebola.

This is the Mighty Wurlitzer created by CIA operational chief Frank Wisner, who reportedly spoke of his directorate’s complex of front organizations as a “mighty Wurlitzer” — a theater organ “capable of playing any propaganda tune he desired.” [1]

5) In the shadows
Intelligence agencies began as private networks to serve financial interests, and in modern times are closely aligned with the City of London and Wall Street; their lawyers and bankers. More than 70 per cent of the intelligence budget goes to contractors, according to the security researcher R.J. Hillhouse. Just five corporations dominate the privatised U.S. intelligence industry. [2]

Light on dark history

The first modern spy network was established in response to a land grab, the Dissolution of the Monasteries in England. The break with the Vatican, under the pretext of Henry VIII’s divorce, required the suppression of an entire population, which had been raised as Catholic. Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth I, effectively turned England into a police state, run by her spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham.

The expropriation of earlier owners has been a feature of every social and economic revolution, and King Charles III’s Great Reset is no different.

The profits from the Dissolution of the Monasteries fueled the creation of finance capital…

For more: “Two Elizabeths And The Eclipse Of Europe – Death of the queen represents physical change in world order” (Moneycircus, Sep 12, 2022)

Which in turn financed the corporatist colonial adventures that gave rise to the British Empire. Many of the same families are involved in colonial adventures today.

For more: “Pirates, Privateers And Merchant Adventurers” (Moneycircus, Aug 15, 2023)

In recent times the CIA helped Roy Disney secretly buy land in Central Florida at below-market prices. The pretext was to establish the Disney World Theme Park, which has since been involved in sex trafficking of children. Coincidence, perhaps.

The expropriation of land is a key feature of the Great Reset: Sri Lankan and Dutch farmers (other countries are on the list); so-called “wildfires” in Canada, Tenerife and Greece and other locations slated for “Smart” development; as well as that notorious statement from the World Economic Forum, “YOU will own nothing, and be happy.”

For this revolution is about redistributing resources while chaining the masses to biological identity and central bank digital currencies that are at base nothing more than vouchers or a ration book.

Act 1, Scene 1: Water Music

Before the plantations and the mansions, much of the islands comprised wetlands, on which the islanders practiced pond-farming of taro, called locally, kalo, and on the shores where fresh water mixed with seawater, grew crops like limu, a kind of seaweed.

In Lahaina was a large pond, and in the middle lay the one-acre Moku‘ula Island, that became a royal residence and burial ground from the 16th century.

But the diversion of water by plantation owners drained it. Moku‘ula’s pond was filled with earth and turned into a baseball field and, currently, a tennis court.

As the scale of the human loss emerged last month, activists came forward to tell the story of the water rights of Native Hawaiian, which they were in the process of reclaiming.

The deadline for submitting water rights was Aug 7; the review of permits was set to begin the next day. Fire broke out on Aug 8. And on Aug 9 Hawaii governor Josh Green issued an emergency proclamation suspending the water code, and the requirement for commercial users to leave at least some water in the streams for community use.

Coincidence, perhaps. The people had just won a court case against a major land owner who was diverting water to hotels, golf courses and the multi-million dollar mansions, namely Alexander & Baldwin, whose chief shareholder is BlackRock.

Scene 2: Billionaires and the State

Water gouging is not the only thing that billionaires are up to. They are also forcing people off their land.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2017 sued hundreds of Hawaiians to compel them to sell their interest in small plots of land within a Kauai island estate he had bought in 2014. As owners, the occupants had the rights to cross Zuckerberg’s property.

Kapua’ala Sproat, a law professor at University of Hawaii, denounced him as “the face of neocolonialism.” The plots were eventually sold at auction. Held in their families for generations, they totaled over eight acres.

Zuckerberg’s land holding on Kauai now exceeds 1,500 acres. He has since added a reservoir and a public beach to which he limits access with a six-foot wall. [3]

Larry Ellison, whose software company Oracle is the third-biggest in the world, did something similar on the island of Lanai, next to Maui, beating Bill Gates to buy a 98 per cent, in 2012. Gates had rented the island for his wedding.

He proceeded to develop business on the island, buying buildings and cancelling leases, which priced working class residents out of a job, according to research by Bloomberg. [4]

Oprah’s comments about making a donation “after all of the smoke and ashes have settled here and we figure out what the rebuilding is gonna look like” sounded like the cold and calculating patter of a real-estate dealer.

As recently as Mar 2023, she bought another 520 acres of Maui, to add to the 1,000 she already owns. Most of the new land comes from the Ulupalakua Ranch and is zoned as farmland. Oprah belatedly set up The People’s Fund of Maui, last week, for public assistance, primed with a $10 million donation by herself and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, whose mother is Samoan.

The founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar, lives in Honolulu; the CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff on the island of Hawaii; where Howard Schultz, head of Starbucks which was founded with the money of Bill Gates’ late father, also lives.

You might at first expect this concentration of predatory practice from people who have made billions. Yet the story goes deeper because most of these “self-made” billionaires are nothing of the kind. They are fronts for the military-industrial complex and finance capital. Which leaves a residual question: whom do they serve, ultimately

Scene 3: Masked ball

The callous behaviour of so many billionaires towards those who are suffering, betrays their sense of entitlement: they did not struggle to become billionaires.

Once we acknowledge this, it becomes more than a grab for land and water rights. Billionaires are the manager class, just as corporations are the cash flow. Together they manipulate perceptions and public behaviour. The biggest shareholders in most of these corporations are asset managers like BlackRock, who handle the money of the wealthiest. The ultimate owners of Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock are masked in a maze of trusts.

The latter’s CEO Larry Fink in 2017 said he was demanding that corporations “force behaviours.”

“If you don’t force behaviours, whether it’s gender or race… you’re gonna be impacted,” he told a conference hosted by The New York Times. [5]

It may appear that corporations are displacing nation states, just as United Nations Agenda 21 replaces the state with management and control at regional level.

That is so, but it is not corporations taking over. As we see, corporations are willing to “go Woke, go broke.” Executives are following orders. That tells you that stocks and shares are paper money and that the fundamental power and wealth lies elsewhere.

Real wealth, the fundamental asset which the rich and powerful hold, is resources: oil and gas, minerals, land — including islands. Corporations are merely the tools by which they monetise and acquire those resources.

The oracle

Billionaires like Gates, Bezos, Ellison and Zuckerberg are thus managers, moving money for more powerful interests. Their role is to do the grunt work, to deflect reponsibility and to shield their owners.

Before it was Larry Ellison’s software company, Oracle was the name of a CIA project to create a relational database for surveillance purposes. Ellison worked as a contractor on Project Oracle before accepting a CIA contract to to take the work private.

Ellison is a firm believer in big government and big surveillance. He wrote in the New York Times in 2002:

“The single greatest step we Americans could take to make life tougher for terrorists would be to ensure that all the information in myriad government databases was copied into a single, comprehensive national security database.” [6]

Ellison has just purchased a digital health records company for $28 billion dollars. He happens to be one of the biggest donors to the Tony Blair Institute. The TBI is a key promoter of the digital health passport, which is a project of the bankers.

Fronting is not discussed much in the “global north” but it is a well-known phenomenon in South Africa, where it describes a black person or entity who is given a stake and a position, but does not get the powers associated with it. The Pretoria government considers this a deliberate obstacle to the transfer of productive assets of the South African economy to black people. [7]

The portal

Microsoft, it is well known, was a project of IBM, and that Bill Gates’ mother sat on a charity board with IBM’s chief executive.

It was Gary Kildall who wrote the first software for a microprocessor, a disk operating system, CP/M, which allowed files to be read and written with an eight inch floppy disk. Drafted into the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, he was already known to the deep state.

IBM and its lawyers tried to get Kildall’s DRI to make a version for them. He refused. It used Bill Gates to approach another software engineer who had written a clone of CP/M, Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products. That became MS-DOS.

In 1994, at the age of 52, Kildall died in unclear circumstances in a bar in Monterey.

In 2007 the paternity of MS-DOS was settled in court. Paterson lost a claim against the British journalist and editor Harold Evans over Kildall’s creation of the PC OS. [8]

The crystal ball

The pre-crime apparatus of the national security state includes not just Facebook but Palantir, which does pre-crime or predictive surveillance.

In 2011 Paypal and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel bought the biggest single-family home in Maui for $27 million.

The CIA was an early investor in Palantir through its In-Q-Tel venture fund, and the intelligence, military and law enforcement sector provied contracts. “Military-grade surveillance technology has now migrated from Fallujah to the suburban neighbourhoods of LA,” wrote The Guardian.

Thiel himself is more independent vocally than his surveillance-sector bretheren. Though Palantir is arguably the more dangerous due to its predictive pretensions, Thiel has suggested that Google is infiltrated by Chinese intelligence.

The memory

Google developed out of a project of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s MEMEX programme in the 1940s, as did the Internet. Don’t be confused by the revival of the Memex name for a new dark web search engine, also DARPA’s. [9]

Google co-founder Larry Page is one tech billionaire who is avoiding Hawaii. He instead uses his portfolio of islands, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific.

He is hiding on one of them as he tries to avoid a summons in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Court documents state that he is sought in the case against JPMorgan Chase Bank, in an effort to trace those who “facilitated or participated in, directly or indirectly, the trafficking enterprise of Jeffrey Epstein.” [10]

Page owns at least one island in Fiji, as well as Eustatia Island, next to Richard Branson’s Necker Island, which was used by the NXIVM cult for “seminars.”

Founders Sara Bronfman, the Seagram heiress, and Nancy Salzman, as well as actress Allison Mack, who was arrested for sex trafficking, visited Branson on the island. It is possible that the cult tried and failed to establish connections with Branson.

Travel between these islands is organised by Blue City Holdings, which runs a fleet for Page and his co-founder Sergey Brin, as well as former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, according to Insider.

During the pandemic, Fiji’s “Blue Lane” admited the wealthy by yacht or private jet, while other travelers were banned, Insider wrote.

The emporium

Amazon has perhaps the deepest roots of all in the Deep State. Jeff Bezos — real name Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen-Gise — adopted his stepfather’s name, though he spent much of his childhood with, and is said to have adored, his grandfather.

Lawrence Preston Gise (1915-1995), known as Preston after whom Jeff is named, was appointed by Congress to be western regional director of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Operating out of headquarters in Albuquerque, he supervised the region’s 26,000 employees at the national research laboratories, which also included Sandia, along with Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore.

Like president Barack Obama, Jeff had a teenage mother, and lost contact with his biological father. In both cases, their mother was the connection to the deep state. Both had a maternal grandfather linked to state security. In Barry’s case CIA (mother and grandfather) — in Jeff’s case, grandfather, to DARPA and its laboratories.

We are told he loves books, and kept Amazon afloat by the canny trick of charging his customers before he paid suppliers, according to Harvard Business School, which does not seem to have noticed this technique anywhere in commerce before.

HBS has worn out keyboards explaining how this unique insight allowed Amazon to survive the carnage that slayed most of the first-wave Internet retailers.

However, we saw in the Covid response, when government diktat shut down main street and confined people to their homes, that Amazon was positioned like a Soviet-style State Department Store. It was an e-commerce version of the universalniy magazin. It is already unchallengeable. If the rulers wish, it will become the only way to shop. [11]

Jeff’s service to the State goes deeper. He has just bought land next to Haleakala mountain, where the Pentagon’s Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) site and observatory is located.

This is nominally the 15th Space Surveillance Squadron. It is part of the Air Force Research Laboratory which developed “the USAF’s first-ever operational directed energy weapons,” (DEW) according to its director Dr. Kelly Hammett.

The life log

Before Facebook, the Pentagon had Project LifeLog. The aim was to create a permanent, searchable, electronic diary of entire lives. The aim was surveillance and machine learning, to train artificial intelligence.

The press raised a stink about LifeLog. New York Times columnist William Safire remarked that, as with Total Information Awareness, the deep state was “getting the ‘data-mining’ power to snoop on every public and private act of every American.” [12]

And with sufficient outrage having been stoked, the Pentagon shut down LifeLog on the very same day that Facebook launched, on Feb 4, 2004.

Zuckerberg’s Meta (Facebook) has control over the distribution of news. He is currently blocking Canadians from seeing news, including updates on the fires in the Northwest Territories, the most populous of the three territories of northern Canada.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau and Zuckerberg have contrived a row over whether journalists and news outlets get paid for their work. Facebook and Google have long been accused of skimming the advertising revenues that previously went to newspapers and television channels.

The Online News Act (Bill C-18) says Meta should pay for content; Meta refuses; Canadians are left in the dark.

Claiming to be concerned for safety, the government demanded that Meta lift a “reckless” ban on information, which was not Trudeau’s concern during the Covid response nor the Trucker Convoy.

The opera

That leaves us with Oprah Winfrey. Like Jeff Bezos, we are led to believe that she became a multi-billionaire from a start selling books. Perhaps there is a symbolism somewhere, or perhaps they are part of the means of control: Libraries now time-limit digital e-books — even though copies can be made at almost zero cost.

Oprah grew her $3.5 billion fortune from a talk show, and as a writer and journalist. She has been the wealthiest African-American since 1995. Before she became the patronising caricature of a philanthropist, Oprah was once a brave and incisive interviewer.

In 1989 Oprah did a series on ritual sacrifice. She interviewed the family of University of Texas student Mark J Kilroy who had been kidnapped in Tamaulipas, Mexico by a cult led by Adolfo Constanzo. The student was killed over a 12-hour period and his body was then strung together for the eventual display of his bones. [13]

In the same show she interviewed a young woman who told of multi-generational sex ritual in a “normal” Chicago family, which juggled the doing of good and evil, in equal measure, in pursuit of “power.” The interview caused a scandal and would have ended the career of a lesser person — yet even though she is said to have interviewed the woman a second time, Oprah’s star ascended. [14]

The documentation of Oprah’s associations is so extensive it must be left to the end of the article.

Notice that each of these billionaires fills a discrete role in managing a new social order?

Had they risen to wealth and prominence independently, what is the chance that they would provide, by turn:

  • the database (Oracle)
  • the seer or clairvoyant (Palantir)
  • data entry and exit (from life — thanks, Bill) (Gates and Microsoft)
  • one repository for knowledge (Google)
  • another repository listing every person by want or need (Facebook)
  • the universal provider (Amazon)
  • and the entertainer in the grand comedy of life, or opera (Oprah)

Once you see the pillars or stelae this new society — technotronic, as Zbigniew Brzezinski called it — you cannot unsee them.

And why, with the exception of Google’s Page who has reasons to elope, do they all have a base in Hawaii, on or next to Maui?

Oprah’s later associations have kept her and the Fakt Cheka busy. Society gets smaller as you climb, and it may be harder to avoid associations. Wealth is acquired by transaction, and there may be favours asked and debts to be paid


Source: https://moneycircus.substack.com/p/crisis-update-hawaiis-deep-state

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