10 Responses to “Gonzalo Lira in jail in Ukraine”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Plenty of smart folk think that Gonzalo is an asset. They could well be correct, we have no way of really knowing. Certainly his Ukie story is very suspicious at the least. Why didn’t he skate after they let him out first time? Did he cut a deal with the Ukies? Is he really in jail? How will we ever know?

    I couldn’t help noticing the “Free Assange” on his T as well, really Alex?

    Assange is definitely a western asset of some sort, no doubt about that. There are far too many red flags about him, a long, long list. Not least his staged “arrest” in the Ecuador embassy, by private “security” goons, right under the noses of smirking real Brit police who obviously knew it was BS. Looking fully made up by the props department with a new grandad look and holding a Gore Vidal book in his hand for the cameras. Corny as hell

    He is a long running psyop for the mainstream and the alt media. Gonzalo is just for the alt, he’s not known in the mainstream

  2. Tapestry says:

    I follow the Assange asset narrative, but still have seen nothing substantial to suggest Lira is such. He comes across genuine and all I hear is supposition he is an asset with no evidence given. Obviously he was boosting the morale of NATO’s enemies which is a strange thing for an asset to be doing. They needed to stop that so saying he was an asset is quite a cunning way of killing off his support. He was deplatformed on youtube and had to start again when he got too big. He was genuinely addicted to cigarettes, talking and as he called it ‘getting laid’. Assets are usually dull system people not flamboyant and greatly talented characters.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I still don’t buy it Tap, there are too many anomalies

      For starters, Gonzalo has a very, very, chequered, and very, very inconsistent personal history. He was once a big fan of Pinochet in Chile! Pinochet! That IMF/CIA asset who implemented fascism in Chile for the West. He was once a big Putin hater. He was once an unpleasant misogynistic “dating adviser”. He was ok with vaxx mandates. He scrubbed his bio before he adopted his anti Ulke stance

      And, unlike real anti Ukie journalists in Ukie, he wasn’t arrested in the middle of the night and eliminated, never to be heard of again. No, he was arrested in a suspect location and the arrest was filmed AND released for viewing BY the Ukie authorities themselves! That’s what the vids LOOK like. But are they even real? How to know?

      See this opinion piece: from Scott, a chain smoking, foul mouthed, real old leftist. Who actually believes in the Constitution, the rule of law and Government regulation of the oligarchs and their corporations:

      The Lira section starts at 23.50. The earlier bit is about the Ghislane Maxwell psyop. He shows just how similar the Lira story is to Assange as well. His forecasts haven’t been proved correct yet. But for an old msm cynic like me then, his take on the story arc seems realistic

      • Tapestry says:

        Where is the footage of Lira being a Putin hater? That would be very convincing. Or him being pro-vaxx mandates. Lots of swearing by this guy talking about Lira. It’s mostly based on his arrest being staged in the video which it clearly is. His father might be in there for the cash? He’s followed Lira a year, he says, but doesn’t give any more than opinion. No evidence. It’s possible Gonzalo supported Pinochet. So did Mrs Thatcher. No evidence here that he did. He might well take part in videos making him look like a fake or an asset but he’s going to do things for them since being arrested in order to survive. Dating advice? Yes he is a womaniser, no question. No doubt about that. Is that political? Not at all. Shows this opinion is the fake – not Gonzalo. It’s like they are recolouring him now since his arrest, like the US Assange informer who turned into a woman after his arrest. Forgot the name. They can do what they want with you once they’ve got you. I still see no real evidence. Gonzalo lives on in my mind, and I see no evidence, only opinions from a swearing probably paid online performer, with little charm or intelligence. This is exactly the standard of accusation you would expect from a system that hates what Gonzalo has done to blacken their names. Not a patch on Gonzalo’s brilliant wit and sharp insightful mind.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          All the world is a stage. I did say it was an opinion piece 🙂

          As I said then, Lira scrubbed his own bio before he became pro-Russia. No wonder

          Scott has done lots of pieces on Gonzalo, there is a tab on the right hand list. I expect that he doesn’t want to repeat himself and that the evidence that you require is in there somewhere. He is excellent on Saint Julian as well

          But the arrest looks like it was staged, certainly looks that way to me. The vid was released by the UKIE authorities too, followed by Gonzalo himself too. So he was working for THEM. I’ve never heard of dissidents being forced to act by their captors to ruin their own reputation either, that’s a first for me. They would just eliminate him surely if he was a real threat

          I don’t see much evidence of recolouring either. Who else is saying this. He’s yesterday’s story isn’t he

          So, as I said earlier then, we have no real evidence either way have we. Scott could well be correct and you could too. But it all smells to me. Yes Gonzalo’s a clever guy, and yes strikes a good pose. But is that enough

          Btw, Scott has a long track record of revealing stuff that they want to conceal. Yes he rants and swears but he he was banned from YouTube and other places. Not the usual situation for an authorised asset. Unlike Gonzalo who seemed immune given the size of his audience, which was massive compared with Scott

          • Tapestry says:

            Fascinating discussion. All I am looking for is evidence. Opinions are great. Allegations need evidence. The internet leaves a trail. Where’s the trail? I’m willing to change my opinion but I need evidence. There is big money riding on trashing Lira but all they can muster is opinion?

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              Yes, a good exchange there Tap

              If I come across the evidence then I will certainly post further. But it would take too much effort to find it on Scott’s site because he’s so prolific, making a vid most days. His Gonzalo tab alone has 9 vids on it, mainly 40+ minutes each. I’ve never caught him out lying before though and he does offer up links

              He’s certainly got a very low rent lifestyle, which is fairly evident in his vids., He’s not wealthy either, living in a mixed area of Tampa with blacks as neighbours. In a rickety house with his dog and cats and 15 year old car, which you can see. His massive back catalogue was cancelled by YouTube a few years back when the big purges were on. He had a few thousand subscribers at that time. He’s small fry compared with Gonzalo

              But he is intelligent, smart and very knowledgeable about the bad guys and their ways. Strictly on a down to earth provable level, no esoteric stuff. I dip in when he is talking about something that interests me. He is often on the money too and I do trust him

              • Tapestry says:

                All good Pete, but I am simply waiting for some evidence to back up the claims. If it’s there I am sure someone will make it available.

  3. Belyi says:

    The whole point is that Gonzalo holds dual US and Colombian nationality, so why have neither of these countries lifted a finger to help him?

  4. Tapestry says:

    The State Department won’t lift a finger as they don’t want him broadcasting his insights to the world. Chile no doubt does what she’s told, and keeps the $$$ flowing in by obeying.