HACKED? F-35 mystery deepens after Pentagon refuses to answer questions | Redacted

Editors Note :- GPS tracker AD posted in order to assist rather than mock The Parasitical Pentagon LOL

Hint – Once you have these new fangled GPS tracker gadgets you should never lose a $100,000,000  F35 again.

Vassal state Taxpayers around the world would love to know why this basic feature is seemingly an optional extra ?


Lockheed has a tarnished reputation of selling Washington’s vassal states overpriced junk using corrupt practices.


comment from martinbayer

I remember a related joke when I was a kid in Germany at the time:

Q: “How can I get my hands on a Starfighter?”

A: “Buy a piece of property and wait…”

The most prominent victim of the F-104 in Germany was Joachim von Hassel, a naval aviator and the son of the President of the Bundestag (the lower chamber of the German Parliament) at the time and former German Minister of Defence Kai-Uwe von Hassel, on March 10, 1970. Rumor has it that his legs were cut off by the windshield frame when he ejected from his aircraft, because he was allegedly accepted as a pilot despite him being too tall to qualify for the Starfighter because of his provenance. There’s even a music video about it:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn5pIY-j2To


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    Redacted is a very interesting site and Clayton digs up lots of great information.

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