England declares peace with Russia

England has no official voice – no Parliament – no national bodies to announce our policies.   All we have is the English Democrats who seek independence from world government bodies – UN EU WHO WEF UK – They have declared the intention to negotiate peace with Russia and end the sanctions.  England’s only public spokesman Robin Tilbrook has effectively declared peace with Russia.

Meanwhile the lunatics running the fake country called the United Condom are hoping to get WW3 going.

Reclaim England and democracy.  Westminster is lost to world government totalitarians.


Video: Sea Breeze Black Sea Naval Exercise Could be Ground Zero for a False Flag Event to Ignite World War III

There is a military exercise in the Black Sea that is being conducted from September 11-15, 2023.

This is being used as a cover for a massive false flag event that’s going to be carried out by the United States either during the exercise or in the following months, whereby the exercise will be used as a cover  to plant the weapons system, which is exactly what had happened with BaltOps — the Baltic Sea Operations whereby several months later, the Nord Stream pipeline was attacked. 

Dear Readers,

Listen carefully to Mike Adams.

Dangerous Crossroads: A False Flag is Contemplated by US-NATO. We are at the Threshold of World War III. 

The Transcript of this important statement will be featured on September 15, 2023

Spread the word. Say No To World War Three

Michel. Ch. Global Research, September 13, 2023


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One Response to “England declares peace with Russia”

  1. Gordon says:

    Good take by Mike which may very well be true as the RAF jets were out on night sorties 18/9th in my neck of the woods which is a sure thing something is brewing, usually trouble. Of course, it has always been the west’s intention to block the Russian Black Sea Fleet from exiting the Black Sea into the Mediterranean.