Covid, Russel Brand and the Great Reset – Hanlon’s Razor

Russell Brand With His Cuddle Buddy And "Beautiful Person" Yuval Noah Harari  - YouTube


“Once again, we see that the rulers would prefer you to think they are not evil, just incompetent. Which is why they lead with their stupidest people like Bush and Biden and so on. It’s all just a terrible accident, we had the best intentions, really!

They are leading with it again after Covid and the vaccines. We are supposed to believe millions of
people were accidentally murdered, or murdered themselves via negligence. But that isn’t what
happened. This time we were there and saw it all with our own eyes. It wasn’t history, it was in the
present, so we are all primary witnesses, primary sources. Only the terminally naive or dead asleep
could ever convince themselves the events of the past four years were an accident, happened naturally,
or were due to human error or incompetence. This was the most thoroughly planned, staged, and
managed event in human history, with more people paid off by Pfizer than existed a few centuries ago.
The worldwide coordination of message, propaganda, and mandates was awe-inspiring. The lies told
right to our faces by a million stooges, lackeys, mandarins, and goons were awful in their transparency,
horrible in their malice, terrible in their assumption of our infinite gullibility and irrationality.
Some of these lackeys are recently in the news, like Howard Stern or Sean Penn. Joe Rogan has said
that Stern used to be the man but was ruining his legacy after Covid. Nope. Stern, like Penn and all
these other Hollywood and media creeps, was always just a paid agent of Chaos, it has just become
blindingly obvious since Covid clarified all the waters. The vaccine was like an acid you add to a dark
liquid, which suddenly turns it clear. Stern and the rest of these folks are now earning the legacy they
always deserved.

And we now see it has nothing to do with ignorance. None of this was a mistake. Stern, Penn, and the
the others aren’t mistaken. They are complicit in mass murder. They should be prosecuted to the
fullest extent of the law and thrown from a high cliff.”



“OK, my readers have asked me to comment on a few other things in the news in the past week, starting
with Russell Brand’s new event. He has been accused of rape or molestation by several women and
demonetized by Youtube. Within a couple of days, UK Parliament had sent a letter to major outlets,
including Rumble, asking that they act against Brand. By that alone we know this is fake, since
Parliament ought to have more important things to attend to than the cancelling of Russell Brand. That
shows us this is an important project of MI6, and that MI6 instructed Parliament to play along. MI6
probably drafted the letter themselves.

This is all another managed event, of course, since Brand is of the families. Yes, he has been on the
right side of some issues recently, but that is all controlled opposition. Remember this?

Brand with that little fascist creepazoid from the WEF, Yuval Noah Harari.

I suppose they tapped Brand for this stageplay for two main reasons: 1) to sort of salt in and parallel the
whole Trump fake conviction for rape/molestation/whatever that was supposed to be. Every famous
man in the world has had to volunteer for this split-the-sexes/Men-are-Pigs project in the past decade,
so why should Brand miss out on the fun. But his participation is especially silly, seeing that—like
Harvey Weinstein and many others—he is gay. Brand has no interest in raping or molesting women,
and all his previous high profile couplings with women were just the standard Hollywood beard
couplings, meant to sell him as a stud and make the women look straight as well. 2) Like Andrew Tate,
Brand’s popularity at Youtube is largely fake. Brand has a larger audience than Tate, since he does
have some charm. He is sometimes funny and a fairly good speaker, but like everyone else promoted,
his numbers are mainly mist. They just make them up. For that reason he was mostly being wasted,
and they needed to get his real numbers up somehow. The only way to do that in Modern America is to
manufacture some tragedy or crime, then sell it 24/7 through the controlled mainstream media. With
Brand they can also use the alternative media, since he is plugged in through Infowars, Zerohedge, and
all those places. Before you know it they can create a somewhat genuine spike in his numbers, drawing
your attention off the real world. They can sell him as sinned-against, with the big bad blue boys out to
get him, generating crocodile tears and your sympathy, with which they can spin you in the required


Great Reset

“They have now admitted they wish to enslave the entire world and they have published the blueprints.
These blueprints for the New World have no clauses on Constitutions or Rights of Man, least of all free
speech. They are blueprints of iron-handed centralized control of all facets of your existence, waking
and sleeping, cradle to grave, with all control leading to their profit and your poverty. These blueprints
are far worse than any Communist Manifesto, since they don’t even pretend to nod to a proletariat.
They are blueprints for an ever-expanding government of unchecked governors and an ever-burgeoning
rapine of the lower and middle classes. They are also blueprints for mass extermination of the human
population, to make this control easier and more efficient.

This plan will work just as well as all the previous plans of these cursed people, since everything they
do—longterm and short—rots in due time. Like Klaus Schwab’s face, the New World Order will crash
and burn within a matter of decades. The Phoenicians know that, since they admit it with their own
signs. Their Phoenix is always burning up and having to be reconstituted from the ashes, because it is
such a foolish bird. The symbol of a wise people would be a real creature of famed permanence, like a
redwood tree. But the Phoenix is always crashing and burning, because it isn’t capable of making a
good decision or founding a civilization based on love. The civilizations of the Phoenicians last a
couple of hundred years at most and then dissolve into ashes and stones, over and over and over. But
do the Phoenicians ever learn anything from that? No. In five thousand years, they have never thought
to try something different. They rise up from the ashes as the same old bankers and merchants and
mobsters and try again to take over the world for profit. When oh when will we ever be done with




One Response to “Covid, Russel Brand and the Great Reset – Hanlon’s Razor”

  1. newensign says:

    Interesting Pete, I have regarded Russell Brand as part of the controlled opposition. His appearance on GB News, run by Murdoch says a lot. While pressing the right buttons against the jab, at the same time he is confirming the existence of germs and viruses that are contagious which is false science. He also talks of forming global this and that! By getting Parliament to ban him is to give him credence amongst the truth movement!