From: Joe
Date: Sat, Sep 2, 2023 at 9:35 PM
Subject: Alleged Fraud at Portsmouth Council and Magistrates Court Courats


Things are warming up nicely on the Council Tax Fraud as you can see in the above video.

Every single Court Case has been .unlawful as Councils do not have lawful authority to issue a Summons for Council Tax cases.

In Portsmouth Magistrates Court the person on trial said just that – the Judge, then asked the Council’s Solicitor, were does the Council get its authority?

She replied, from the Local Government Act 1992.

The Judge responded, I have looked, and no it does not.

Sorry Judge, she said, from the Magistrates Court Act 1980 (?).

The Judge responded again, with, no it does not.

He then adjourned the Hearing to gave her sometime to find whatever legislation the Council claim to be using.

At the next Hearing a new Judge said that he was not there to hear any legal arguments, but to move the case from Portsmouth to Sussex, with a new date to be set later.

Council Tax is a Fraud, and if you want to prove that for yourself (please do not believe anything I say about it) simply phone your local Council and ask them precisely were in the Local Government Act 1992 it says that people living in domestic properties need to pay Council tax.

They will not tell you.

Only non-domestic properties I.e. business properties are Rateable.

Try contacting the Valuation Office Agency and ask them to confirm that your property (give them your address) is a domestic one?

And also conform that it is NOT on the non-domestic list?

They will rely that this is privileged data owned by HMRC ( of which the GAO is part) and that you cannot see it.

To check this for yourself find your nearest VOA office and check the details to see where to email your Freedom of Information Request.

Oh and every Council in the country is up to the same tricks.





  1. Steve Kettle says:

    Stop paying people it’s a con…. Starve the beast, it’s the best way to kill it.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      If I had the cojones to take on the State in a court then, I would Steve

      But wouldn’t they nail me one way, or the other? Is there a real method that works for individuals?

      • Steve Kettle says:

        Unfortunately Pete it does create a lot of shit to deal with and the buggers will lie until they’re blue in the face because they can’t tell the truth, their job depends on them lying. But people keep coming up with different angles and it’s a collective effort.
        There’s a Telegram group, Council Tax Revealed for one which has some good info if you want to check it out and there is some stuff in the pipeline which may change everything. I’ll keep you informed when l can say more.
        Lose the fear though there’s a lot of folk fighting them now and we will have them by the short & curls one day.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Thanks Steve, very much appreciated

          ‘m a relatively comfortable septuagenarian, so it’s doubtful that I will invite such stress upon myself anytime soon. I’m out of the metaphorical kitchen now, because it became too hot for me in in there at my time in life 🙂

          “Lose the fear though”. Excellent advice that applies far more broadly than just council tax. I usually achieve that now, I’m pleased to say. But they come at us from all angles don’t they. Their attack on us is relentless

          I do take great comfort in God’s Law, Natural Law, because it supersedes all Statute Law. I’ve led most of my life respecting it too, without even realising it! Do no harm. Do the right thing

          • Steve Kettle says:

            Do no harm, cause no loss, but take no s**t.
            The motto of the UCT Pete that’s where the solution is going to come from. Check out the website Pete you seem to align with their philosophy and they are a great bunch of people and the only ones I think who are offering a real solution,

          • newensign says:

            Yes Pete and Steve its a hassle, but worth it in the end. Like you Pete, until this year I felt the same, but took the plunge this year and have had a fake summons. Council Tax is a civil matter and the law states that they can’t enter your property nor can the police assist a bailiff they can only ensure the peace is kept. Put a notice on your property saying implied access is removed and if they ignore it they are committing a criminal offence. I’m 85 myself but rather than talk about it, to try it myself as encouragement to others.

            • Steve Kettle says:

              Great stuff mate, well done.
              To connect with like minded people and get some support try the above mentioned Telegram channel and the Rapid Response Chat channel.
              Makes a difference when you know you’re not on your own.
              Time to rid ourselves of the parasites who just take but contribute nothing. The Banksters, the Politicians, the Councils etc.

              • newensign says:

                Thanks Steve, but unfortunately I can’t get on telegram, in order to join one has to receive a code on a smart phone which I do not have! Is the Pete you refer to, the one that goes under the name “Sovereign Pete” and has been on Richard Vobes Channel?

                • Steve Kettle says:

                  No mate, l think l’ve only mentioned the name Pete in reply to our own Mr Fairhurst. But yes l do know who you mean, there’s a group near me who run a course every Weds learning about the Sovereign Project. So i suppose I’m lucky in as much as there’s a lot of activism locally. It’s hard when you stand all alone.

  2. Gordon says:

    You need to wake up and know how this stuff works.