Britain makes war against Russia. Yes. We are totally mad.

Ukraine used British missiles to attack Russian port – Sky News

The UK outlet claimed that ‘Storm Shadow’ cruise missiles were fired at Sevastopol

‘Storm Shadow’ missiles provided to Kiev by London earlier this year were used to attack the shipyard in Crimea, Sky News reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed Western and Ukrainian sources. The claim has not been officially confirmed.

Three unidentified missiles struck the Ordzhonikidze ship repair facility in Sevastopol in the early hours of Wednesday, damaging a landing ship and a submarine currently in dry dock and starting a fire at the facility. Four of the 24 people injured in the attack were reported to be in serious condition.

TAP – Join the Teds.  End the sanctions.  Negotiate an end to the war.  Britons always were slaves.  Reclaim our country.  Stay Free As England And English Another Thousand Years.  The UK is just another faceless world government body masquerading as a country.  UN EU WHO WEF UK.


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