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Armenia gets Soros treatment

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As Armenian govt of “Soros graduates” prepares to host U.S. war game, withdraw from post-Soviet collective defense treaty, abandon Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, & definitively flip away from Russia towards USA and Turkey (LOL, can’t make it up!!!!!).

Top pro-Russian blogger Mika Badalyan & seven friends / associates arrested by masked G-Men, all on charges of “illicit arms trafficking” (they publicly fundraised / bought / sent Chinese unarmed $300 quadrocopters to Russia, as show of support.) Not 1st time he has been detained & tried, but, this time they have to put him down for good, “clear the field.”

Folks, “the Democracy” is coming to USA, soon enough. It’s all coming here, as I wrote even in 2021. They will eventually HAVE to take a mad shot at “clearing the field.”

(You’ve seen nothing yet.)

No, I won’t be near DC when it happens.

You smug DC-area RINO’s (incl. the top, top RINO lawyer who told me to just give up & get vaxxed) reading me & laughing… can “Save this Tweet.”

(RINO – Republican In Name Only)

Please click https://thedreizinreport.com/2023/09/07/as-armenian-govt-of-soros-graduates-prepares-to-host-u-s-war-game-withdraw-from-post-soviet-collective-defense-treaty-abandon-nagorno-karabakh-to-azerbaijan-definitively-flip-away-from-russi/ to access it