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An Alternative Theory That Fits All The Facts and Observations

US Big Ag companies in India use glyphosate undoubtedly. See Dr. Tom’s podcast w Indra Singh. And 4G is just as harmful as 5G. My health changed dramatically for the worse when 4GLTE was implemented where I live. One might read ” The invisible Rainbow” by Firstenberg to understand the extent of the problem. Industrial uses of electricity
have been poisoning us for 180 years. Every so-called pandemic/epidemic since then can be tied to new applications of industrial electricity
Also, glyphosate is in the exhaust of bio-fuelled vehicles since it’s sprayed on the crops (soy and corn) used to make bio-fuel. The glycine molecule is not destroyed in the refinement or combustion process. Hence it’s in the air pollution and in the lungs. Precisely where COVID seems to effect humans. Glyphosate plus 4-5G equals COVID 19. Blame an imaginary “virus” and all the poisoners are off the hook. Simple how that works.

10 Responses to “An Alternative Theory That Fits All The Facts and Observations”

  1. newensign says:

    Click on Source for short video

    • ian says:

      I was talking to a farmer quite recently, and I brought up the fact that there are shall we say concerns about the use of Glyphosate on food crops. He said dismissively that it can’t be correct as they only put a small amount on, so there you have the scientific proof.

      • newensign says:

        Yes Ian, I know the problem. The Farmers have been well brainwashed down the years and believe everything the pesticide industry tell them. They are paid a pittance by the supermarkets and therefore cut corners just to make a living. These chemicals. as well as mono culture are destroying the soil. Poor soil one gets unhealthy plants and unhealthy plants cause sick people!

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          That’s right newensign

          The Great Plains of the US being a case in point. They used to be the most fertile soils, after thousands of years of Bison shit as a natural fertilizer. Not anymore because of monoculture, oil based “fertilizers” and chemical pesticides/herbicides. So modern farmers don’t get a decent crop without oil based “fertilizers” now

          I was told by a lady in Yorkshire that they even spray glyphosate on the stored grain to “preserve” it!

          • ian says:

            Indeed Pete. I hope you spotted my sarcasm.

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              Yes I did Ian!

              Btw I met a fellow septuagenarian molecatcher in Northumberland this week and chatted with him at length. He was a solid country type and was setting his traps as I strolled past. We got into a great conversation about the madness of the modern world. He spoke so much common sense and we eventually parted with a warm handshake. Are all molecatchers so grounded? 🙂

              • ian says:

                Very interesting Pete. I would doubt it, but there will be many rustic people who are. We all tend to get stereotyped, in stories, film, etc. Southerners cool, Northerners, and Scots Irish etc, all thick as a brick. Locally the most honest, grounded and clever guy I know is an ex junky who nearly died, and was thrown out of his home, and disowned by his family. He is fully aware of our situation. He doesn’t catch moles though. LOL.

  2. newensign says:

    Yes Pete, There was plenty of free meat from the Bison too, so they put a bounty on the Bison pelt so they became rare, because they couldn’t have people eating food which they could not control and make a profit as middlemen! I wouldn’t be surprised if they sprayed grain with glyphosate to preserve it, because pests being sensible would know it was poison. People affected by it, they use Gluten intolerance as a cover!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I bet they do newensign. It is their usual method to cover up the poisons that they use. Polio springs to mind. Call it a disease, just don’t mention the DDT

      • newensign says:

        The trouble Pete is being able to convince people that is what they do! However since Covid, its becoming slightly easier!