911 Still No Credible Explanation From The US Govt Or Demand For Reparations From Israel ?

“Better to fall with the truth than to stand with the lie.”

Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11, the Pommer Report

The Ghost of the CIA plant – Bin Laden lives on!!!

I really wonder who they took out last year….it certainly was not Bin Laden because he died on the 14th December 2001 at the Rawalpindi Military Hospital of kidney failure.


Maybe you all have a very short memory so let me remind you of the two previous false flags that occurred in Kenya that was blamed on Al Qaeda which to this day remains a CIA inspired, programmed, funded and armed militia and certainly not some other Middle Eastern Islamic group. One can see yet again that this is all part of the US, UK and Israel master plan to keep the War on Terrorism alive and kicking……..here are the details of the other two attacks: