Kadyrov gets Pregozhin treatment

Dreizin confirms rumors: Chechen leader Kadyrov in Moscow hospital in serious condition, may die, if not then will likely retire.  Proving Chechens not superhuman, former young lion, now almost 47, likely fell victim to world’s deadliest pandemic (sloth & obesity.) Not in good shape, had put on much weight very quickly, stopped going out much (or at all) since last year.  Family patent to rule remains in place; he has two sane & sober sons, one of them the designated successor.  However, to reflect likely imminent “reduced” status of family authority, reportedly, the family business (or the relevant monopoly patents or protection arrangements, whatever) Russia-wide is now being partially redistributed to other Chechens, in an organized manner.

TAP – Possibly Kadyrov was too big a figure for world government to tolerate, just like Pregozhin, and he’s been poisoned.   Russia’s biggest nationalists are all being eliminated – not by NATO but by Russian intelligence services who control  the Russian high command.  He ‘stopped going out’ obviously aware of a threat – but the jackals got him anyway.  Pregozhin wanted to march on Moscow and dig out Russia’s treacherous fifth column.  Kadyrov won battles against NATO at Lisichansk which Russia was meant to lose – like Pregozhin at Bakhmut.



3 Responses to “Kadyrov gets Pregozhin treatment”

  1. newensign says:

    I would say Tap, its not the Russian High command, but the Kaszarian mafia who have been regaining ascendancy in the upper echelons of Russian government, who are responsible, particularly their MOD, witnessed by the suiciding of key officials in that dept. last year!

    • Tapestry says:

      Reptilians. All generals and commanders who won battles immediately removed – and worse. Pregozhin. Kadyrov. Surovikin. No doubt others. Maybe one or two taken out by ‘snipers’.