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There’ an X files reference or joke in here somewhere as Tucker and Devon have a blast. Hunter Biden? It’s all a bit of a laugh. Ukraine? Gonzalo Lira? Julian Assange? War? Why not? It’s apparently good for business for someone, isn’t it?

It is interesting that this morning, X is leading while the BBC lag behind. It’s another global warming rainy cast over August UK morning. We really must delete all those hydro-carbon cars, like mine! I switched on the ‘bathroom radio’ and BBC R4 Today were reporting on 20mph speed limits. That’s Agenda20230 slipping nicely into our everyday mornings. Meanwhile, I wonder if Gonzalo Lira is being beaten again by democratic Ukrainian freedom of speech fighters. Keep in mind, a naked Hunter, girls in lingerie, crack pipe dangling from the mouth of false dentures because the original set couldn’t take the craic. It’s all a bit of a giggle, isn’t it?

The ‘Xweet’ below reads:
Tucker got the interview first, before the networks. His cancellation from Fox may be remembered as the moment when independent media eclipsed corporate media. Nothing in corporate media matters anymore. Exciting times!

The Rumble interview:


6 Responses to “X Legacy Media”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Add the mirror image of the X logo alongside the logo itself. It then becomes a classic freemasonic symbol :-))

  2. NPP says:

    Images are as powerful as the energy you relinquish to them.
    Is every cross-roads within our road system a ‘symbol’?

    Musk has a SpaceX programme. Aligning his ‘Twitter’ project would seem a logical brand decision.

    Whether Tucker giggles like a girl or Devon appears remarkably relaxed considering his dodgy associations, ‘X’ is releasing material while the BBC, CNN, ITV, ABC are lagging behind.
    Gettr, Gab, Parler are echo chambers. At least ‘X’ has some contrasting view points.
    These are interesting times, but then you might say when wasn’t it an interesting time.
    I assure you you, my ‘X’ is free of any Freemasonic intentions.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      “These are interesting times, but then you might say when wasn’t it an interesting time.” Yes they are for sure, we are living in momentous times

      “I assure you you, my ‘X’ is free of any Freemasonic intentions”. I don’t doubt it Ned. Can self confessed Gooners join the brethren?

      • NPP says:

        Not to do with apron wearers or brethren, but…
        If I were allowed in the dressing room the first thing I would be tempted to do is give them a facts of life lecture on BLM, LGBT, Ukraine (Zinczenko, you idiot!) and try to get them to never react negatively to the ref, decisions nor tackles. Suck it up, keep your energy & focus on ball in net.
        I loathe Gary Lineker, but I believe he was never booked. That’s quite something.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          I’d love to see their faces during your, inevitably very long, speech Ned. Bet some would agree with you about some things too, but not in public. No sense in jeopardising their fat monthly cheques from the bad guys who run the show

          I loathe young Gary too. The beeb pay him over a million quid a year! Wtf for? How is that possibly justifiable? He’s just a talking head, and not pretty either. They should run a talent contest and pick a bright young thing who would do it for a fraction of that

          Having said that then, young Gary did pop 30 goals into the onion bag for the Blues in 1986. So he can’t be all bad. He buggered off to Barca after only one season, cut himself a deal and went to Spain to max his cash. He’s a carpetbagger, no doubt about that. But it’s frequently a very short career for pro footy players. He quickly learned Spanish and became a bit of a hero there too I think, so he’s no dummy either

          • NPP says:

            It might be short, sharp & to the point.

            3 self declared trained cultural Marxists founded BLM; they are anti-capitalism, Christianity & family.
            You support that Bukayo Saka?

            Anal sex & genital surgery for children too young to vote, but old enough to decide upon their physical transition.
            You agree with that Jesus?

            Nazis & a neocon called Victoria backing the 2014 coup. You supported that I presume Zinczenko?

            Now, here’s a video compilation of George Best who may have been bloody Man Utd, but beat players twice; once to avoid the tackle & once with the ball.

            Thank you gentlemen.