Why do the watchers hate creative talent above all?

Dead at 27 in mysterious circumstances, and blacked and blanked by the media ever since.  The other band members give a good perspective, but Brian was on his way to making a new band when he died.  He was no longer working with the Stones.  This is rarely mentioned.  Did someone decide his new band was not required?  The band members only describe their experiences working with him.  The real story was outside and beyond the Stones.

Stories surround his demise – including a lot of character blacking, and supposition.  As a rule builders don’t kill customers who owe them money…..when you add in all the other highly creative musicians who died inexplicable deaths at age 27, it becomes a lot more suggestive of foul play.  Cultures are tightly controlled to produce what the Reptilian controllers require, and creative talent outside their control is one thing tht is not.

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One Response to “Why do the watchers hate creative talent above all?”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    Creativity cannot be controlled.
    Creativity has no political Agenda.
    Creative Intelligence is above all.
    27 club = 3x3x3
    The Drugs Money Music Industry is controlled by said forces
    Brian Jones made the RT’s.
    Not a fan of Mick & Keith thought.

    Best Brian Jones song?

    Psychic TV – Godstar