Why are They FAKING Photos from Maui?

Maui fires raise questions over warnings, death toll hits 80 | Reuters

I was sceptical about Mathis’ claims initially. Despite the fact that he showed, as newensign pointed out, “the devastation was not as bad as we had been led to believe – like the recent train crashes devastating huge track of land in the USA”.


Then he added a few more points that I’ve pasted below which are certainly food for thought. DEW seems unlikely, see page 12 pasted below


For myself, I don’t think that it really matters what the cause of all this is. Whatever it is then, it stinks of Land Clearances to me, and they have gone on for ever. The end result is always the same, theft of land. As I said in a previous comment:

“It doesn’t really matter what method they use does it? There is always a way for the reptiles. Land Clearances are not new, not new at all

In England they called it “Enclosure” and Parliament was the agent

“From the 1750s enclosure by parliamentary Act became the norm. Overall, between 1604 and 1914 over 5,200 enclosure Bills were enacted by Parliament which related to just over a fifth of the total area of England, amounting to some 6.8 million acres.”


Our Parliament betrays itself with the short text at that link. With their mealy mouthed “more economical” and “greatly improved the agricultural productivity” etc. It’s not hard to see whose side they are on, not hard at all

Of course this was all common land, ie land owned in common, by the people. So it was straightforward theft by the elites and their lackeys, from the people. Ditto Highland Clearances in Scotland. But the Mother of Parliaments don’t mention that do they”


Page 11

“Next day: Infowars is now in on the scam, trying to sell the fires as DEW. They are running this
questionnaire in the sidebar,
1. Wind and faulty infrastructure
2. Climate Change
3. Direct Energy Weapon
4. Lightning/Volcano
Almost 60% of their readers chose DEWs. Judy Wood fans, I guess. But as usual, the correct answer
is not on their list.
5. There were no fires, it is all another CGI/Hollywood fiction. A movie sold as real.

Infowars is actually calling the DEWs Chinese Space Lasers, as if they had anything to do with this. As
if we in the US don’t have enough to worry about from our own mad trillionaires, and we need to bring
the Chinese or Russians into it.

I guess you could say it doesn’t really matter in the final analysis whether it was wildfire, DEW, or
fake, the end being the same: the island will be stolen by the very rich for their own purposes, military
or otherwise. They will either re-purpose it as a Smart City, a five-diamond hideout for the
trillionaires, or a secret military op below the dormant volcano Kukui. Remember, the US military is
strangely and inordinately interested in dormant volcanos for some reason, as we have seen recently in
other papers. Especially those on islands. So we should not ignore that important angle here”


Page 12

“More clues coming in today, Monday, as they are telling us only 2 of the 96 bodies found so far can be
identified. That’s sort of strange, right, since they are also telling us many of them were incinerated in
those cars we keep seeing. So why can’t they identify them from their cars? License plates and VIN
numbers burned right off I guess, even though the letters are raised on license plates to prevent that,
you know. Their teeth were burned right out as well, I guess, preventing use of dental records. So they
have to go straight to DNA. Hmmm. But here is something I am being told by locals there: the
Natives like to torch old cars that are abandoned or worthless, or just unattended. It is a famous local
game, so Maui already had a contingent of burned out old cars available. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.
We are told up to a thousand people are unaccounted for. Really? Tourists, maybe? Did they check
on the mainland? It looks like they are going to ramp the death toll way up, to make this look real and
create more fear, but that will just make the event even stupider. For I repeat what I said above: these
people were just a block or two from the ocean. Why would they sit in their cars and watch the flames
engulf them? How about get out of the stinking car and run down to the ocean? Oh yeah, they are
telling us the ocean was on fire. Metal boats sitting in the water were burning, as so often happens. SO


Can you make sense of that photo, for instance? All those people were allegedly incinerated in their
cars, not a block or two from the ocean, but SIX FEET from the ocean! And you know what, a DEW
doesn’t explain it, either. Why not? Because if Lahaina had been destroyed by a DEW, thousands of
people would have been incinerated in their homes and businesses. The deaths wouldn’t be 100 or even
a thousand, they would be 10,000, with most in their homes. All the tourists there would also be dead.
Instead we are being told a few hundred may have been incinerated in cars. That makes no sense,
because if this was a DEW it didn’t just target cars. Most houses and businesses were also turned to
white dust. Do you think everyone felt the DEW coming, so they got in their cars? No, again, we go to
curtain number three: that film is CGI. I remind you that CGI specializes in exactly this kind of
overhead panning of a scene, with little or no motion within it. This was developed for Hollywood,
which uses it extensively. They have programs now that turn a normal scene into a disaster scene,
almost at the touch of a button.

And you know what, I can prove that film is CGI. I simply went in and studied it closely. Check out
this screenshot from a few seconds later:”


Page 15

“You have to laugh at how Hollywood this is.
Also this: in a recent Oprah interview, she says, “You are going to see a lot of Phoenix stories, rising
from the ashes here.” Oivay. So she just admitted who pulled this: the Phoenicians, as usual, and Maui
is now theirs to do with as they wish. It will belong to the billionaires only, and everyone else will be
moved out. They won’t even need maids, since that will be done by AI.
Tuesday: Mayor Bissen has now admitted that West Maui is a media-free zone. They have actually
created an unconstitutional 12-mile cone of silence surrounding Lahaina. Proving this is an op.
Someone asked me if this is CGI, why don’t they just burn the trees as well? Why make this look like a
DEW when it isn’t? They can create a burned tree in CGI very easily, or just burn it completely to ash.
Some would answer that it is part of the fear creation, but it isn’t even that. The real reason is. . .
because they wanted to keep the trees. The trees are like the church and few other buildings that
mysteriously weren’t burned in the fake films and photos. The Phoenicians wanted to keep them, so
they will still be there in 2024. Some people in the future will see them. So they couldn’t burn down
all the local trees in CGI and then claim in 2024 these huge trees just magically grew back. You can’t
rebuild a big old tree with supplies from Home Depot. But you can rebuild buildings like those in
Lahaina pretty easily. So if you see a building in 2024 that was supposed to be burned down, they can
tell you they rebuilt it exactly like it was. Same thing they did in Dresden and other European cities,
except in this case it will be more believable. The architecture is very simple in Lahaina, while in
Dresden they were claiming to recreate master-carved stone and so on. Very unbelievable, as I
showed. “


6 Responses to “Why are They FAKING Photos from Maui?”

  1. newensign says:

    Yes, more good points Pete, its a conjuring trick on a large scale. Its interesting to note that nearly all the stage magicians are from that certain tribe we can’t talk about too much. When one goes to a magician’s show, its known that it is trickery and deception. The discussion afterwards is, how did he do it? Its the same with the Maui fires. We can argue about it until the cows come home, we will get near to the right answer, but probably never a 100% right! BTW the police commander at the time of the fires in Maui was the one who was in Las Vegas at the time of the 2017 Massacre link: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/conservatives-alarmed-after-report-that-current-maui-police/

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes newensign, the question is not how did this happen?

      It’s who did this and why? Cui Bono?

      “BTW the police commander at the time of the fires in Maui was the one who was in Las Vegas at the time of the 2017 Massacre”

      Quelle Surprise!

      • newensign says:

        Thanks for the pic. Pete. Knowing who did it usually the simplest as they always leave their signature on the scenes of their crimes. I haven’t looked too much re Maui, but it was on 8th August = 88 = 8 x 11 (the number of Gog who will come and take a great spoil) I know this will be dismissed as a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but that is what I do study the enemy’s code for we are in a battle. We are the target, as they want us Caucasians destroyed.

  2. newensign says:

    Here is more evidence of the perpetrators of the Maui wildfires:

  3. newensign says:

    More distractions – BREAKING NEWS: Oprah Winfrey INVESTIGATED for Maui Fires! Another distraction by the Elites, they probably want her land as well.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Distractions indeed newensign. The magicians at work again, all part of their grand deceptions

      All the world is a stage