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WHO? No! Petition The King

I received an email re: https://www.petitiontheking.org/

Forgive this ’round robin’ email. I’m writing to you as I believe you may be interested in details of a campaign to stop the World Health Organisation taking powers over the UK government to control responses to any future pandemic.

You may be aware that there is a great deal of concern about the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty – and the UK’s astonishing provisional agreement to implement its provisions.
In short, unless the government’s position changes by November, the WHO would gain worldwide powers to declare an ‘international pandemic’ and enforce any and all public health control measure such as lockdowns, compulsory vaccination or worse – from 27 May next year.

A group of us have put together a campaign to try to stop this happening, called ‘Petition the King’.
The simple idea is to get as many people as possible to sign and send off postcards to King Charles III, objecting to this. If our government will not listen to our objections to this Treaty, then the King must act – because King Charles promised on oath on 6 May at his coronation not to yield any the UK’s powers to any foreign country or organisation.

Further details about the campaign are at www.petitiontheking.org

In effect this campaign is a re-run of a campaign Graham Wood (a Christian from York) and I ran in 2003, to try to stop the UK signing up to the European Constitution.
Our postcards bore the legend: “No European Constitution Without a Referendum”.
Over 210,000 people sent cards to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
Six months into our campaign we closed it, because by that time people pressure, including our campaign, forced the government to abandon its plan to sign up to the European Constitution.

Ring or email me if you have any queries, thanks. Cards are available from me.


Tony Bennett


9 Responses to “WHO? No! Petition The King”

  1. Tapestry says:

    No continued membership of the United Kingdom for Engand without a referendum.

    • NPP says:

      Some one is challenging the threats of today.
      I support their efforts.
      I support real life today efforts against real life threats of today.

      An independent England is a lovely idea & a fantasy for years to come.

      I am responding to real life today.

      • NPP says:

        P.S. Phuck the King. He’s a twat.
        Just being practical.

      • Tapestry says:

        Do both – today and tomorrow. All are allies in this struggle for humanity’s survival. Not competitors. And you’d be amazed how quickly an idea can catch on…look ahead not backwards. Fight the enemy’s strongest fortifications as well as what can be knocked over in ten minutes.

        • NPP says:

          I’ve sent a cheque… you know, those paper things.
          I’ve ordered postcards of which I’ll send 1 to Queen Charley & the rest? Goodness knows. Hand them out to disinterested Reach Out folk in Thetford?
          I’ve sent them this artwork on a card which is probably worth more than they realise… especially once I’m brown bread.
          I do what I can where I can when I can.

          Are TED going to put a candidate against Nick Timothy in West Suffolk?
          Probably not.
          I’d stand, but what’s the point? I may as well burn the money it would cost, make a YouTube video of myself burning the cash & make as much impact.

          Leave the UK? This messaging is so insular, so narrow, even I misunderstood it.

          Great speech? Sarky bastard.

          • Tapestry says:

            One problem would be your anti-Royalist stance. The Teds are limiting themselves to leaving the UK, and saying things like the monarch was once the King Of England. It’s yet to be decided by the party, in other words how the issue of monarchy would pan out. I’ll check into the Teds National Council online meeting on Saturday and see which candidates are standing.

            • NPP says:

              I have not declared an anti-Royalist stance. You are assuming my stance.

              A monarchy can work just as a democracy can work just as a Presidency can work, but free speech coupled with a fit for purpose law system are vital in all cases. We currently lack both throughout the collective West. Thank goodness for TAP, UK Column, The Duran & co….

              I state Queen Charley is not fit for purpose. He is utterly useless & possibly dangerous & treacherous. I’d love to personally kick his backside out of my country.

              Your brand, the TED brand, is England.
              England Must Leave The UK
              England Must Secede The UK.

              I ‘commented’ on a headline inferring the UK is done, Leave The UK i.e. get out altogether & go go to another nation state. I did click on, but did not read the linked article. I was scanning, not deeply reading every word. I had other things to do. Forgive my not reading & clearly understanding, but you could be more definite & clear. It’s news, it’s headlines. It’s time. It’s also very frustrating when TED have little to no national profile.

              If you want a speech, I can do, but that was a mere comment.

              Reclaim have a higher profile & an MP. They secured approx. 700 votes in Uxbridge. Oh dear. We’re buggered. I will continue the challenge to the GOO, but the reality is Reclaim can’t agree with TED can’t agree with Daddy Dragon can’t agree with UK Column can’t agree with… & I can’t agree with Reform or have anything to do with Richard Lice or Dr. David Bullsit; the Ginger & Gay Party.

              Oh dear. I’m faced with the prospect of the Rat or the Blockhead.

              Anyway, back to scribbling & watching paint dry.

              • Tapestry says:

                Something will emerge from the various movements to preserve human freedoms and survival. I hope I am normally a bit clearer with my headlines. Having a bad tummy from a meal eaten three days ago doesn’t help the concentration. The crushing of English national identity is a deliberate policy being carried out for decades. The fightback has to start somewhere. And here we are doing it! If you did a survey of people locally you would be surprised by how many still see England as their nation and would love to see England as a stand alone country. The lower economic orders are the most prone to care. The higher less so. As more and more people are booted downwards by the raising of interest rates and all other global measures to crush humanity – wars, sanctions, medical interventions – the more English people will be looking for a new direction to move in. But first the seed must be sown. Your art is very powerful Ned. It’s not every day I get to insult a genius.

                • NPP says:

                  You just made me laugh, out loud!

                  I’m not insulted. I do have to temper my knee-jerk responses.

                  I was thinking of posting Delingpole with an alleged ‘Illuminati’ family member. I thought, this is more codswallop, but he did say ‘Emotions/feelings are just information’.
                  Digest & process the information before responding. Good tip.

                  When ever I hear Brian Gerrish declare how insulting something is, I find myself thinking, oh don’t be so soft.

                  I agree, seeds & starts must be sown & grown. It would also help if you had someone young, female, attractive, articulate… to represent TED.

                  P.S. global warming raining yet again here.