They want your GENOME

What are the Signatories trying to achieve?

The Signatory countries have various objectives. Among these, are:

  • ensuring that appropriate technical infrastructure is available across the EU, allowing for secure, federated access to genomic data;
  • making sure that ethical and legal implications of genomics are clear and taken into account;
  • ensuring that the general public and policy makers in Member States and signatory countries are well informed about genomics, in order to ensure its uptake by healthcare systems and integration into personalised healthcare.

The EU as a global player in genomics

We live in an era where genomics becomes increasingly important globally. The European Union’s genomic collaboration and research have to be citizen-focused and patient-friendly. It should make sure that the highest standards are applied for the usage, access and storage of genomic data. 1+MG is one of world’s biggest projects of this kind and contributes chiefly to setting global standards in this domain. The connection to the European Health Data Space will provide an additional boost to the information potential benefitting researchers, healthcare professionals and all citizens, eventually.

The EU wants everyone’s genome, but are starting with 1 million plus European citizens. Whiel t is true that there could be great medical benefits for individuals in terms of ‘personalized medicine’ I can assure you that so far those benefits have failed to materialize, except in rare cases of cancer treatment.

The powers that be want access to your genome and they want to share it (for a fee?) and make money from patenting your genes, if you have any that confer special benefits. Applying the handwaving “highest standards” lingo when we are talking about your most personal possession is another way of saying that privacy is being ignored. They also plan to link your genome to your health records.

I have been saying that the IHR amendments and newest “Bureau Text” of the WHO pandemic treaty both require nations to build genomics labs and perform sequencing. While at first glance it seems they might just want to sequence viruses found in the wild—this EU project tells you what the desire for a world-wide sequencing project is really about.

This could be the ultimate form of control, by capitalizing on genetic weaknesses (as well as patenting strengths), which you probably did not even know you had.

In my book this is as dastardly as it gets.


2 Responses to “They want your GENOME”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Whilst potentially enabling individually crafted cures such a database might also be employed to create individualized assasination tools.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Science, knowledge, information can be used to help people or just as surely to kill them. It’s about intention and the intention is to kill.