Theft made to look legal on a colossal scale

Theft made to look legal on a colossal scale

Editor’s note: An “abuse of privilege and power” is putting it mildly. When governments are privatized what you have is theft on a colossal scale made to appear all “legal” because after all, it’s the government. If these big accounting firms like KPMG (British) and PWC (British) got away with this in Australia, what is gong on inside the US corporation and in Britain?

KPMG audit Kier Starmer’s handler Tony Blair – See the link that the Daily Mail failed to publish.


Daily Mail – Tony Blair’s policy institute is bankrolled by American tech billionaire Larry Ellison whose firm supplied software to the government when the ex-PM was in No10



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3 Responses to “Theft made to look legal on a colossal scale”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    So Bliar is Starmers handler! That makes total sense to me

    See this post by John Ward yesterday

    “In turn, how many of you remember this Slogpost from 14th July (just over three weeks ago) in which many of the degenerate influences that made Teflon Blair the dangerous man he is today were examined, and I concluded as follows – after mysteries involved him, Jeffrey Epstein and the serial live-tv liar Peter Mandelson in some spooky connections:

    ‘It’s probably accurate to observe that Anthony Lynton St John Blair is more powerful as part of the NWO Stage than he was in 2007. And that’s part of the reason why stories and enigmas like these are important despite being ‘old news’.’

    Two days later, I was able to put more flesh on the bones: Bill Gates says the new Big Thing is AI; but then, as he’s up to his neck in it, this arrives in the file marked ‘You Would Say That’. This will mean at least another eight million jobs lost worldwide – and therefore more urgency to his other more hidden agenda of depopulation. For myself, I want the next Big thing in Billy’s interesting life to be more revelations about his close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, why Mrs Gates divorced him on the basis of it, and why Epstein himself suffered an assisted suicide in prison’.


    What has Epstein got to do with Blair? The answer is Peter Mandelson, very close friend and fellow pervert in the case of paedo-pimp Jeffrey Epstein. ‘Mandy’ was the man who shared lodgings with Blair at University – which gave rise to the name of Teflon’s rock band Ugly Rumours. Mandy was also the man who used Epstein’s apartment in New York while the latter was in prison on a charge of trafficking minors.

    It is an established fact that Epstein had a Little Black Book – in which are found the initials ‘TB’, next to which was Blair’s private cellphone number. Trafficking minors was only a means to an end….as Prince Andrew found out to his chagrin later still.

    It is alleged by some of that era (late 2007) that Blair confided in Mandelson his debt owed to Epstein for similar reasons to do with a momentary lapse in heterosexuality. ”Petie” then pulled strings with ”Jeffie” and introduced Toni to Jamie – Dimon – the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, who immediately hired the former UK PM on a million dollars a year, and made compliance forbidden direct withdrawals from JPMC to restore his Epstein-damaged bank account. (Epstein was a major JPMC client).

    So here’s the connected trail:

    Dimon > Blair> Mandelson> Epstein> Gates> Prince Andrew

    Or put another way,

    NWO banking, Blair Foundation, Hungarian boys, Secret State blackmail ops, Gates Foundation, British Royal Family.

    Outside of China, Jamie Dimon is universally referred to by the media as the post powerful banker in the world. He’s careful never to say ‘New World Order’, but throughout this year and 2022 he has led missions to ”improve and rebalance the closeness of the US-China relationship” and has expressed worries that ”We must not let China and Russia become too close” over the Ukraine War. Note how Dimon persistently adopts a tone of voice suggesting a role for JPMC as virtually a sovereign State.

    As recently as the 2nd Jun 2023, the Financial Times asserted that ‘Elon Musk and Jamie Dimon have led the corporate charge to Beijing as ties with US fray’.

    Dimon is a born and bred geopolitical globalist whose judgements are based solely on business and hegemony rather than ethics. At the outset of the war in Ukraine he remarked on CNN, “It’s oil, gas, the leadership of the world, and our relationship with China — that’s much more serious”.

    This year in January, Senator Marco Rubio demanded answers from JP Morgan Chairman Jamie Dimon on the bank’s work with Chinese TikTok parent ByteDance. And as long ago as 2013, Newsweek reported that the CIA is ”very cosy” with Dimon, and CIA Langley top brass ”love him back for the positive influence he has in Washington on the need for bigger covert action budgets”.

    Be not unsure of this: there is, in the developed Corporacratic State, no separation of powers for this kind of stuff. These folks are a united, diabolically Devil-may care, armed dayglo rainbow of Godless grief who won’t be content until there’s only them left on a planet devoid of gentle souls.

    Very few belong to this typology more dangerously than Tony Blair – a gluttonous follower of his need to manipulate – and indulge in the perverted pleasures of – the gullible and innocent. He isn’t just a phony with a flat-chested wife and a history of loitering in the cottages of calumny: he is a follower of opportunistic advantage and the thrill of living too close to the edge that makes him the perfect partner for Jamie, Petie and Jeffie.

    From Day 1 in Labour Party politics, Blair was a fake: at Oxford, he was a prime mover in Liberal politics. He insisted he had regularly watched Jackie Milburn play football for Newcastle – which is impossible because he retired from the game when Teflon was barely three years old. He has continued to lie pathologically throughout his bloodstained career – to Brown about who had first shot at the Labour Leadership, to the People and judiciary of the UK about the existence of WOMD, and to pretty much everyone in failing to ensure that British involvement in the invasion and occupation of Iraq would not become a source of instability in the Middle East oddly trumpeted as ‘The Arab Spring’.

    After his retirement as PM, Blair created an extraordinary phalanx of complicated charities, companies, partnerships with himself and foundations aimed at righting wrongs caused by his poodlesque commitment to every American adventure, even The Guardian felt obliged to pile in against such obvious profiteering related to wars in which he had been an enthusiastic proponent.

    And yet and yet….within a very short time space, he was in severe need of money. (see earlier)

    The rest of the motley crew need no further introduction. The three key points to remember are degenerate needs (2) the Anglophone factor being the key influence and (3) the secrecy and complexity of all Blair ”companies” whereby all the players involved have either Blair or Epstein (or both) as a common factor.

    If you want the most recent evidence, as Epstein is no more, of the kingpin role of Anthony St John Blair, look no further than former New Zealand PM and NWO camp follower Jacinda Ardern who once worked as an advisor to the Third Blair Cabinet in the UK during the 2005-7 period. Groomed by Teflon, by 2020, she was meeting Bill Gates and expressing full support for the vaccines; later that year she closed NZ borders and spoke enthusiastically about digital money, in 2021 she was in the team around Biden, Climate control and support for Zelenskyy; by 2022, she was being invited to NATO summits.

    So obviously brainwashed was she by the Blair-Gates-Biden snowball, late in that year she actually used the phrase ”New World Order” during an interview.

    After retiring as PM, she accepted an offer to be a Trustee of UK Prince William’s Earthshot charity to save the planet, an appointment brokered by…..Tony Blair. She also enjoys a close working relationship with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.”

  2. sovereigntea says:

    It would seem so with Mandy lurking in the background.
    I once met Mandelson (Man of The Sun) ? when he was setting up his little crew to run the Dome operation in Greenwich circa 1998/9. A dark clever and sinister character, cruel like a cat. A nasty aura surrounded the man.

    They were based in a former LBG London Borough of Greenwich social services office and just hated having visitors. Very secretive and arrogant.

    Blair’s millenium dome was built on a supertoxic wasteland site of vast former coal gas works. The public paid £millions for the land to be cleaned up & re-claimed and the profits were eventually privatised.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      The repulsive Mandy [a Rothschild operative] must have been Bliar’s handler at the time I suppose? Looking back then it makes sense, although I didn’t understand that at the time