The Fossil Fuel Farce

Oil scarcity is entirely artificial

Surely not, who could have guessed?

From Scripio Eruditus

— Rockefeller Standard Oil logo (1972). Note the inclusion of the torch of enlightenment, an ubiquitous occult symbol.

“The Twentieth Century — sometimes referred to as the American Century — was a veritable whirlwind of military-grade PsyOps, pernicious lies, dastardly deceptions, grandiose absurdities, occult propaganda, and ostentatious fabrications of the highest order. That psychological storm has only intensified in the advent of the internet age, with these fictitious occult metanarratives and anti-truths now spawning on a daily basis. We are so bathed in these fables — at every stage of life — that we no longer even perceive or appreciate their impact upon us. Indeed, it is truly impossible to understate the magnitude and frequency with which new attacks upon our mental and spiritual faculties are now launched. Immoral absurdities have become canonized as our new cultural cornerstones.

The overarching theme of the Twentieth Century was not wars for oil, nuke scaremongering, the alleged space race, or even its many genocides: it is control. Control of our minds through mass media; control of our medicine through the cartelization of healthcare; control of our breeding through eugenics & abortion; control of our churches through 501(c)3 regulations; control of our children through public schools; control of our wallets through fiat currency; and ultimately, control of our very body and soul. One of the most fundamental ways we have been controlled is through artificially emplaced limits upon our energy production, and no I don’t mean that in a woo-woo or new age sense. What I mean rather is that petroleum, i.e. fossil fuel, is not a scarce resource: it is a renewable, mineral compound formed through natural geological processes


The Rockefeller clan, one of the legacy banking bloodlines within America, have ensured that this pernicious fabrication has utterly ensorcelled our society. They are certainly not the only culprit responsible for perpetuating this fable, but their companies, trust funds, foundations, and media lackeys have done the lion’s share of the work to incept this idea within our national consciousness. As always, let us first define our terms by turning to the CIA’s pet-project Wikipedia to see what they define as a fossil fuel:

[a] fossil fuel is a hydrocarbon-containing material such as coal, oil, and natural gas, formed naturally in the Earth’s crust from the remains of dead plants and animals that is extracted and burned as a fuel.

And as the Freemason founded Encyclopedia Britannica states:

All fossil fuels contain carbon, and all were formed as a result of geologic processes acting on the remains of organic matter

Both of these statements are quite simply demonstrable falsehoods and spectacularly fail to account for the totality of the evidence available to us. The Al Shaheen oil field is now the deepest borehole and oil rig in the world, at 40,604 feet. This is well beyond the depths at which we have ever found a fossil, currently standing at 8,579 feet

The deepest point at which scientists have ever found bacteria is at 4,564 feet, while algae has never been discovered in water deeper than 850 feet

Regardless of the logical absurdities required to believe that liquified dinosaur flesh powers your car – oil is clearly being formed in a location that precludes the possibility that organic life, no matter the age, could somehow contribute to its formation. The lies that have undergirded the oil century are no less fabulous than the lies undergirding many of modern society’s foundational beliefs.”




“The abiotic theory of petroleum creation was a topic explored quite extensively by Russian scientists during and after the Cold War. Dr. Jerome Corsi discusses the truly staggering body of scientific evidence backing this theory up (emphasis mine):

Beginning in 1940, Stalin commissioned a scientific examination into every aspect of petroleum, including how it is created, why reserves are formed, how the oil can best be discovered and extracted. Between 1940 and 1995, Russian scientists published some 347 scientific publications on the Fischer-Tropsch process, on the way to obtaining some 170 Fischer-Tropsch patents. By 1951, Professor Nikolai Kudryavtsev articulated what today has become known as the Russian-Ukrainian Theory of Deep, Abiotic Petroleum Origins. Essentially, the theory rejected the contention that oil was formed from the remains of ancient plant and animal life that died millions of years ago.

— The Great Oil Conspiracy

Indeed, the abiotic oil theory can hardly be called fringe science when nearly the entirety of the Russian, Chinese, and Ukrainian oil industry is founded upon that very methodology. The abiotic theory is widely accepted within the former Soviet bloc countries, and it continues to be applied to discover new oil fields to this day (emphasis mine):”

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