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Once again are we seeing yet more personal profiteering from British PM #Sunak ?

A firm founded by Rishi Sunak’s father-in-law signed a billion-dollar deal with BP two months before the prime minister opened hundreds of new licences for oil and gas extraction in the North Sea.

In May, the Times of India reported that Infosys bagged a huge deal from the global energy company which is thought to be the second-largest in the history of the firm.

The Indian IT company is owned by the prime minister’s wife’s family although Sunak has insisted the matter is of “no legitimate public interest”.

Previously Sunak invested $500 million of his personal finances into Moderna the vaccine producer through a company that he helped set up (Thelema Partners) in a notorious tax haven in the Cayman Islands prior to the pandemic. He went on to allow Moderna to set up massive new vaccine interests in the UK while refusing to say if he was profiting from the vaccine rollout.

Now we learn that Sunaks family firm signed a billion dollar deal with BP before the PM opened new North Sea licences. Is Sunak using his position as PM to conduct insider trades and set up deals to make personal fortunes? Perhaps its time to look more closely at what hes been doing and whether the National Security Act and associated rules have been breached by this EU supporting and #WEF2030Agenda administrator. #UK
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4 Responses to “Sunake”

  1. webtrekker says:

    Looks like the article has been removed: Page Not Found

  2. John says:

    Thelema Partners. It’s always hidden in plain sight.