Some independent media believe that Maui was burned for a land grab. While possible, I find it highly improbable:

a) – all the Cabal has to do is wait until the poisons kill everyone in obedient, Democrat Maui. Two years max. Then they can buy the land with buildings and infrastructure intact for pennies.

b) – Lahaina has been a Polynesian tourist destination for decades. It cannot be “developed” into anything more than it was.
– the Kahului Airport on Maui can only accommodate commuter planes. There is no room for expansion.
– insufficient water, power and sewer treatment resources. Water is already scarce on Maui, as is electricity and sewer treatment. Maui resources cannot support a Honolulu-like tourist destination.

Maui was obviously deliberately burned and the Cabal was involved. At this point the two most likely explanations are:

#1 – to cover up some genetic disaster with Bill Gates GMO mosquitoes.

#2 – a 5G + poison kill switch test.

The possibility of an energy weapons test is very small. The Cabal would have selected a target that carries far less risk to their exposure, such as an isolated, unpopulated area – even an empty military test city.

The possibility of a weapons malfunction is also very small. Given the percent of the world with populated land, versus open land or ocean, the malfunction likely would never be noticed.

There is a infinitesimally small possibility this was a plasma storm caused by comet K2 weakening the earth’s protective shield. But the water, power, phone service shutdowns plus the blocked roads makes this a near impossibility.

In summary, the absolute highest probability is a 5G + poisons kill switch test. We’ve been expecting one ever since the discovery of nanotechnology in the poisons, the Bluetooth signals that the poisoned emit and the Cabal’s own papers on the “infinite hackability” of humans. We know that the poison deaths will become accepted as fact by the population and the Cabal will protect themselves. Having the kill switch is their ultimate protection. They can set up zones around their compounds where the “kill” signal is generated, get too close and you die. They must have tested the kill switch in the lab with abducted people, but a lab test and a real world application are always different, so I expected a real world test – and have for a long time.

I know it is difficult to wrap you head around this probability. Even after everything we’ve seen the Cabal do, such as kill a half million people in Ukraine and poison 75% of the world’s population, when you see their actions actually happen it can be disconcerting. It is in your personnel best interest to be able to quickly accept and adopt to the disconcerting, otherwise you risk mentally shutting down when four billion people are dying.

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3 Responses to “smoke”

  1. ian says:

    What about it being a holiday home island for the special people, some of whose homes already on the island escaped the fire. “What do you think of Maui?” “oh it’s great apart from the local trash”, “no probs, we’ll sort that”. To a lesser and admittedly less dramatic extent, if you live in a rural village up North you’ll know what I mean. White flight from Dan Saf come up here after selling their cardboard box in Essex they get enough money to buy a castle off the Jocks, as the saying goes, and set about changing everything to how they think it should be as they’re obviously more important and intelligent than the locals, I mean, they live in the countryside for God’s sake.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    That is a thoughtful perspective Kris, thank you

    I was most convinced by the land grab theory myself. All the starwars stuff seemed at bit Hollywood to me

    I presume when you say “poisons” then you refer to the vaxx? Whatever, your main theory is definitely a possibility. I’m not sure how you can put such a clear timeline on it though?

    And I obviously hope that your theory is not proven by Empirical evidence any time soon :-))