Sinéad O’Connor exposed the Pope as the evil one


Recently diseased, Sinéad O’Connor was booed in 1992 when she took the stage at Bobfest, a Bob Dylan tribute at Madison Square Garden. O’Connor had torn up a picture of the Pope 13 days earlier on Saturday Night Live ( ), making her the most polarizing person in music. At Bobfest, she keeps going against the grain, scrapping her expected Dylan cover and shouting out a protest song instead. And stating the real truth of how the 1% of the 1% control the 99% – — of course the Antichrist (Pope) cannot risk, especially an Irish women who knows the truth who could uproot his green field of endless Irish Catholic people to be used and abused for the satanic Catholic cause – so the Pope’s personal militia, the Jesuits who control the world-wide media, destroyed her career —


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14 Responses to “Sinéad O’Connor exposed the Pope as the evil one”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Sinead was an early, woke spinning, globalist. Who was very over promoted by the usual suspects considering her limited “talent”

    See this from someone who knew her

    He is respectful to her loved ones who have suffered her loss. But he exposes her for what she was on 20 minutes

    Like him then, I don’t buy that ripping up the popes photo stuff. Everything about her life tells you that she was working for the man. She supported the covid vaxx genocide too, like all the globalists did

    RIP Sinead, but I hope that you are now in the process of reckoning for your life’s mistakes. You have a lot to face up to

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Just look at the images pumped out by the Beeb and others about today’s funeral for O’Connor. Woke, woke, woke. Lead item for a time too. So she’s heavily promoted, right to the end

      What sort of Irish rebel is that? A woke rebel? Contradiction in terms hey, ha, ha, ha

      Ireland has suffered from extreme excess woke recently, but hopefully the worm is turning now. There are signs that it is too because ordinary folk are starting to get pissed off

      Thomas Sheridan, who did the vid I linked to, thinks that it’s going to fail quickly in Ireland now. And this sort of public wailing and gnashing of teeth by the “me, me,me” brigade will cease. Let’s hope that he’s right

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thomas Sheridan on Sinead O’Conner today:

    “Westerners fawning over Black Lives Matter, Refugees Welcome, or waving Palestinian/Jamaican flags, and the results such virtue-signalling produces were shown at Sinead O’Connor’s funeral yesterday. It was a sea of White Karens, NPCs, and the kind of Irish White People she claimed to hate in 2018:

    ‘I never want to spend time with white people again’ following her conversion to Islam. ‘What I’m about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it’.

    Sinead O’Connor’s send-off was probably the most demographically Caucasian event in recent Irish history anyone can recall. Despite the Reggae-themed pall-bearer van covered with every cause flag (except an Irish tri-colour for this ‘daughter of Ireland’) blasting out ‘dah roooots monnnnn’.

    Not a Black or Brown face in sight to show her – and others like her – any appreciation for their self-hatred and decades of non-stop pandering and groveling. The slaves on her Virtue Plantation gave her a wide berth (quite rightly too)…her decades of patronizing them didn’t pay off.

    Jah Bless suckers

    Btw, for those that don’t know then, NPC’s are Non Playing Characters. A gaming term now used to describe unthinking normies who follow all the stupid rules

    • sovereigntea says:

      Points of order – Islam aint a black and white thing. Point 2 Caucasians are positively discriminated against. Point 3 Can anyone give me the co-ordinates of my white privelige so I can cash in. Point 4 Jah say no Point 5 All of us need to unite against tyranny and defeat the evil amongst us. We the good people have more values in common than in contention. We are many and they are few and that is why we will win.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        “All of us need to unite against tyranny and defeat the evil amongst us. We the good people have more values in common than in contention. We are many and they are few and that is why we will win.”

        Yes sov, I totally agree

        Bit it’s very hard isn’t it. I’m surrounded by obedient, 3 bags full sir, do as they tell me, woke, NPC’s who think that I’m a conspiracy nutter

        There are 90% jabbed where I live. At least according to the lying government, so probably less in reality;-))

  3. Tapestry says:

    Religion protects humanity from the Reptiles. God told Abraham to kill his firstborn son, ( typical Reptilian stuff killing children and making parents kill their own children) but ‘God’ relented as long as Abraham would obey God’s word (i.e. the word of the Reptilian creators/enslavers of the human race). Was this only a temporary truce while the Reptilians bred themselves into human lookalikes where they could destroy human society from the inside. The process of reptilian insertion into humanity has taken 4000 years – and is now becoming glaringly obvious, judging by the inhuman actions taken against humanity globally – trafficking, war, vaccines, politics now a shadow of its former self. Destruction of religions is clearly a key part of their agenda. Once they’ve eliminated all of them, including Islam as well as Judaeism and Christianity, we might see the true Reptilian agenda more clearly, and it won’t be pretty. Connection to the spiritworld will be most necessary to help us survive the onslaught, and might be harder to destroy than they think, although a key component of the vaccines is said to be a device to block our spiritual and telepathic expression.

    According to Ralph Ellis, Abraham or Abram was a pharoah. The pharoahs agreed the launch of Judaeism in negotiation with the Reptilians. Islam and Christianity are also Abrahamic religions.

    I sat next to a gentleman last night who came from Israel and introduced himself as a ‘Jew’, named Solomon. He was charming company and he stopped to pray using his cellphone half way through the proceedings. He spent so much time laughing and making jokes, it was impossible to ask any deeper questions, although his wife was interested in some other issues. Jews are just the same as us, being herded along by the Reptilians who want almost all of us gone. And those remaining doctored to be better slaves.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Very interesting Tap. I hesitate to get into a discussion about God.

      But, in for a penny. I will provide 2 quotes that align somewhat with your view

      Quote 1

      “We must at all times strive to belong only to God. We should never, therefore, seek to be hu-man in our True Being. In other words, all of our thoughts and actions should be in Love and protection of what is the Supreme Being (all things Real and True without fiction), the Supremacy of all Being, which is defined as Jehovah (God)

      I remind the reader again that the Word Jehovah is a verb, and thus so is the word Being. God (as Jehovah) is not defined in the Bible an external “being” from Nature, but is all of Existence, Truth, Reality, and thus Nature (the Uni-verse) Itself as the Oneness of this continuous and TIMELESS Being (verb) we are a part of. Existence is a state of Being, and man’s Existence (Being) therein should be in harmony with the Nature of Jehovah and so obviously beholden to Its self-evident Law and Laws of Nature.

      I urge the reader once again to dispel any notion of this being religion. Religion is what is built up around the Bible and other Holy Books to steer one away from the knowledge and Law within, to cause this externalization of God from Nature (Creation) as well as our own place within. This is the two realms of Law, one of the Real, of Nature, and one of the artifice, of fiction. One is of God (Jehovah), and one is of that which is adversarial to God. One cannot be known or understood without the other, as the light which illuminates the dark.

      JEHOVAH – noun – The Scripture name of the Supreme Being. If, as is supposed, this name is from the Hebrew SUBSTANTIVE VERB, the word denotes the Permanent Being, as the primary sense of the SUBSTANTIVE VERB in all languages, is to be fixed, to stand, to remain or abide. This is a name peculiarly appropriate to the eternal Spirit, THE UNCHANGEABLE GOD, who describes himself thus, I am that I am. Exodus 3:14. (–Webster’s 1828)
      God is a verb…

      To those with eyes to see and ears to hear, you will find this to be the most spiritually beautiful understanding of your entire Life. And suddenly, without the images and false idols of the works of art and fiction of the church and its anti-Biblelical false-doctrines of religion, you will find that the entirety of the Bible can now be understood in its True intention. Of course, all such words must be deciphered from the evil intentions of that revisionist king of England. For what is a story of Law if the words have been altered into the dog-Latin idiocracy of the common language of English?”

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Quote 2:

        “In this way, the Author of the Law of Nature must be considered as foundational, sound, and secure, even unbreakable, so that Its Law as well is to be respected as unbreakable. This is purely reasonable in every way, for without such a foundation all things must reasonably fail. If this be the case, then we must not confuse man’s creation of organized (corporate) religion, which is continuously changing with every papal Bull or other amendment to its corporate charter and articles of incorporation, with the Truth of what we call as the Law of Jehovah (Nature). The Bible is a Book of Law, and is to be followed religiously. Religion and its denominations are not verbs (actions) but a nouns (empty, flattering titles), and requires no law to be followed, only the blind faith and pledge of its members to the corporate structure of that religion and its false doctrines. While the Bible is and promotes only what is self-Evident Truth, religion steals Truth away and replaces it with nonsense and trickery in support of the time-based history and legal system of the law of man that incorporated each religion into its purely legal, fictional existence as a corporation (artificial person in law). Even the Vatican is a legal person (corporation).”

  4. pete fairhurst 2 says:


    Warning, it is very long. But Clint is a good guy

  5. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Pete. After reading Sabak. I am not sure that Yahweh can be taken as the good side of the equation. Although I agree the goodness is the only way to live. Our enemies are nourished on a diet of pure evil

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Thanks Tap

      I am not by any means an authority about all this. I’m still learning and I will never stop until I pass. I clearly need to read Sabak next and I will do that now. Is the “Holographic Culture” book the best place to start?

      I take Clint’s label Yahweh as just that, a label. What he says seems right to me in principle. But I’m still learning as I said and I will welcome any corrections that anybody points out about this mode of thought

      • Tapestry says:

        I have only read The Murder Of Reality, Pete. It’s not an easy read and I don’t hold with every detail, but the weight of his argument is impressive and it gives a perspective not seen elsewhere. I tend to talk about Reptilians rather than Satanists now. They are not humans of a different persuasion to the rest of us but a different species, who seek our enslavement and destruction. The purpose of UFO visits over millennia has been to breed themselves to look the same as us so we have no idea we face a deadly enemy. I have concluded that religions are a temporary holding device to keep us subdued while they carry out their strategy of our full enslavement, 90% destruction and relaunch as a servile enslaved suppressed shadow of our former selves. If you take on the Sabak viewpoint to some extent it needs fitting to the other agendas we know about – vaccines, warfare, corruption of childhood and technological control systems – cellphones, television and so on. I’d be interested in your take. Any movements that have genuine spiritual connection with the original God who created the universe as with Falung Gong, hippies, the followers of Izas as in The Dead Sea Scrolls, all have to be brutally put down, and replaced with ersatz versions of religion, music and belief – that deliver a tiny fraction of the real God, and which frustrate real spiritual development of mankind. The spiritual leaders must conform or be eliminated. Idealistic politicians change once they are told where they stand by the Reptilians or it’s curtains. Before all the most gifted musicians were murdered in the 1960s – people forget Brian Jones of the Stones who wrote most of their most famous riffs. Jagger was number two on stage in the arly days until he was drowned. This was the spirit of the age until all that stuff –

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Thanks Tap, that is fascinating

          They certainly don’t act like humans. I prefer the reptile label to the satanist one too. Their lack of empathy, ruthlessness and their cold blooded approach is reptilian in nature. I guess that we will never know for certain

          “The spiritual leaders must conform or be eliminated”. It certainly seems that way doesn’t it. Anything organic coming from good humans is verboten or subsumed by the reptiles and their lackeys isn’t it. Every time it gets any traction

          Thinking of “hippies” and “freaks” then, as a 20 year old I participated in the UK equivalent of Woodstock [at the Isle of Wight of all places, Tory island] It was simply wonderful, the massive crowd overwhelmed the limited organisation and the festival was declared free on day 2. So we had 5 more days of ZERO control. The organisers left it to the crowd which was absolutely massive as I said, about 600k people!

          The atmosphere was simply wonderful, hard to describe how beautiful it was for me and my bro. Peace and love for sure. I saw no violence, no aggro, no problems. Everyone cooperated with everyone else for 6 full days and everything worked, even the simple, army style, latrines. I slept in the open for 6 nights and it never rained once, sunny every day. That obviously helped the crowds mood

          The lineup was stellar:

          I will read The Murder Of Reality and let you know what I think as soon as

          • Tapestry says:

            That sounds amazing Pete. I never attended anything like that – ever! I was discussing the word Hippies with Pierre Sabak by email. I questioned his association of the word with his choices. See the book. To me anything that is pure happiness has to be belittled and put down. They were happy people – who decided happiness was all that mattered in life. They were targeted with LSD, assassination of their cultural leaders and ridiculed as ‘hippies’ – when ‘happies’ was probably what they actually were while the movement survived. Same as people who like singing in spiritual groups are belittled as ‘happy clappies’. The only consistency is that happiness and contentment is not to be permitted. Music and religious practices are part of the control system and not permitted as a pathway to feeling good about yourself.