Problem Reaction Solution Brexit Style

When we had the Brexit referendum in 2016 and the UK voted to leave the EU I remember thinking at the time that the vote was just a slight hitch for the ruling parasites. A minor inconvenience that could be corrected with time. With everything being controlled in this realm and the control system having all the tricks of the psychological manipulation trade it was just a matter of time before they were applied and the controlled and managed move back to the EU took place.

David Icke has many times mentioned Problem Reaction Solution and how powerful a tool it is. In the UK now we’re seeing the start of the PRS tactic which I’m sure will predictably be effective and the UK will go back to the EU. Not only go back but go back begging, crawling and will totally give away its sovereignty, its people and more importantly its future.

I’m sure many if not most informed readers know how PRS works but for those that don’t, here is a brief explanation:

1. Create the problem.
2. Cause a predictable reaction.
3. Offer the solution that you want implemented to the problem you have created.

It worked in history. It works now and it will work in the future.

PRS Brexit Style

Although nothing is fixed in stone and PRS is a flexible tool, here is my view on how it has been and will most likely be applied to the UK and the EU situation. I think it is being used in two parts. The path out. The path back in. Both parts being used to control and manipulate while appearing to be democratic.

Part One – Leaving the EU

1. Problem.

Create a dissatisfaction with the UK being part of the EU. Use controlled politicians, actors, place men, celebrities and any assets necessary to manipulate the masses to want out. Manipulate the people, the markets, the monetary and political systems behind the scenes which the masses will have no awareness of.

This part worked well.

2. Reaction.

The public want out. This feeling is then managed, moulded and manipulated with the promise of green pastures once we have left and “regained our freedom”. Money will be available and lots of it to spend on services the people most want. Health, housing and quality of life. Give them hope hope and more hope.

This part worked well.

3. Solution.

Give the people a referendum of which the outcome is predictable and the UK leaves the EU. Or so it appears as we’re probably as legally bound to the EU as ever but who has the time, knowledge or tenacity to investigate and work out the true position.

This part worked well.

Part Two – Rejoining the EU.

Here’s where the path back is I would say highly likely to go. As said previously, PRS is flexible and in the hands of psychological manipulation experts a very powerful and dangerous tool. When used correctly it is almost invisible to the masses. No to those that understand the trickery though.

1. Problem.

Make international travel hard. Create massive problems for the UK with literally everything. Visas, flights, ferries, Eurostar, phone roaming charges etc. Make sure the money promised for health, housing and quality of life never materializes. Demonize those that “falsely promised” and “lied to us”. Johnson, Farage et all. Break the economy and blame it on Brexit. Let the service industry run down and blame it on Brexit. Deliberately leave the borders open and blame it on Brexit. Make it a mess of everything deliberately with the cause of all problems being Brexit. Use the controlled media to highlight all of this then say there is now a movement and will to reverse Brexit and manipulate the masses back on board with EU membership being a good thing. Should we have another referendum etc. Wind up the masses and make them feel lied to, betrayed and most importantly, inconvenienced and poor. Cleverly get the pro Brexit stooges like Farage et all to say even they feel it hasn’t worked and maybe we should have another referendum. Take away their hope.

This is currently happening and will ramp up in the coming months.

2. Reaction.

This one is easy and in the UK is already happening. More and more people now want to go back. Some begrudgingly as they think it’s the only way to save the UK. Others as they just want an easy life and don’t understand geopolitics and more important, manipulated geopolitics.

Expect to see much more of this.

3. Solution.

The problem is best seen as the solution. The EU was corrupt and more of a dictatorship than a union but when people are down, hungry, poor and manipulated a helping hand from the enemy can often seem most welcome. The EU is likely to appear to offer a lifeline, appear to be a friend, offer sweeteners and bonuses to everyone if the UK will rejoin and appear to be the solution to all of the problems it and its masters have previously created.

This part will undoubtedly work well.

The Trap

If the UK/EU situation does indeed follow the path above and the UK has a second referendum and the result is to rejoin the EU watch for the requirements of membership. This is where the UK will fully surrender its democracy, its freedoms and its future.

The terms and conditions are likely to be full political surrender/integration. Full financial surrender/integration. Full military surrender/integration and more giving away of all things that make the UK independent that the average person has no idea about. It will be a full transfer from independent nation to just another EU state with more and more demanding requirements from member states and their citizens.

This is being orchestrated by traitors in the UK and manipulators and controllers outside of the UK. More and more people are now seeing parts of this sell-out and asset transfer taking place but they can’t fully understand it and what is being done to them and their nation. They don’t have the required knowledge or facts and that has been deliberate.

We have systems in the UK to protect us. The army, navy, air force, police force, MI5, MI6, GCHQ, border force, SBS, SAS, anti fraud departments, ombudsmen, politicians, councillors and the like.

It cannot be a coincidence that all at the same time they are failing us. Failing to do their jobs or told to stand down or told how to act? You decide. It’s pretty clear cut for me.

I think people power is all we have left. Now is the time to come together. Ultimately to have a free and fair life and country we need a new and fair and democratic but non intrusive system of governance that represents everyone. The current lot have to go. Probably in to exile for as long as they remain here and free they remain a threat.

We need to be the change we want to see in the world.

In peace.

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