PM Sunak’s Security Team Take The Day Off To Facilitate Eco Mob Home Invasion

How on earth did the eco-idiots gain unfettered access to the PM’s house ?

Answer – They were allowed

Who gave the order for the security team to stand down in order to permit this publicity stunt ?

Why does the so called journalist who penned this article not point this blatant scam out ?

The Protection Command is one of the commands within the Specialist Operations directorate of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. The command specialises in protective security and has two branches: Royalty and Specialist Protection, providing protection to the royal family and close protection to government officials, and Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection, providing uniformed security to government buildings, officials and diplomats.

Specialist Protection (SO1)

The Specialist Protection Branch of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Protection Command provides armed protection for the current British Prime Minister, along with former Prime Ministers.

SO1 Protection Officers also provide close protection for Ambassadors and other VIPs believed to be under a specific threat.

It is believed that SO1 Protection Officers are routinely armed with Glock 17 or Glock 26 9mm pistols. The Glock 26 is a sub-compact version of the Glock 17 and is reportedly used by female SO1 officers.[1]

What protection do MPs have – and how could they be made safer?

This article is more than 1 year old  Oct 17 2021

The home secretary and Commons Speaker have both said measures will be scrutinised following the killing of David Amess

What measures are already in place to protect MPs?

Security at Westminster, where MPs spend part of their week, is visibly tight, with armed police patrolling the parliamentary estate, and security passes required to cross the perimeter.

A knife-wielding attacker nevertheless managed to get into the grounds at Westminster in March 2017 and fatally stab PC Keith Palmer before being shot dead.

When MPs are back in their constituencies up and down the UK, security is – perhaps inevitably – more lax.

A plan called Operation Bridger, involving the police and parliamentary authorities, was put into place in December 2015 after the fraught parliamentary debate on bombing Syria saw an upsurge in concern about threats of violence.

It allows for what ministers at the time called “advice and guidance regarding members’ security and a process to access funding for standardised security measures”.

MPs have a single point of contact at their local police force to provide advice, and many have had measures implemented such as panic buttons, bomb-proof letterboxes and toughened glass – particularly in the wake of the murder of Jo Cox in June 2016.

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