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Oppenheimer was a Fraud

It’s the same old same old. It’s well worth a look too, whether you agree or not then, his writing is often very funny. He really does have a good turn of phrase and I had several lol moments in this essay


“And I don’t mean the movie. Like the Manhattan Project itself, J. Robert Oppenheimer was a complete
and utter fraud.

You can buy books and look for inconsistencies, but it isn’t really necessary. I can prove my point
straight from Wikipedia, saving you a lot of money. His Wiki page was written by the mainstream
historians and academics, edited by the usual university and Intelligence flunkies, so let’s start at the
top. We are told his father came to the US in 1888 with few resources, no degrees and no money,
knowing no English. The usual lie coming from these people. There is no evidence of that and a lot of
evidence against it, starting from his genealogy, where we find these Oppenheimers were related to all
the top Jewish families of Europe, including the Kahns (Kohens), Binswangers, Goldsmiths, Rothfelds,
Sterns, Kaufmanns, and so on. In the new movie, we see Oppenheimer telling Strauss he already knew
Einstein, and that is because they were cousins. They are all from this extended family of rich Jewish
bankers and top rabbis, and these are the same Oppenheims/Oppenheimers that were billionaires in
South Africa. Hard to believe they even try to break that link. As for these particular Oppenheimers, J.
Robert’s grandmother was a Rothfeld, and her family owned Rothfeld Stern and Co, a big textile
company that opened operations in New York City in 1888. So it is admitted the family was already
swimming in money. Poor Jews don’t get off the boat and start big textile companies with no resources
and no money. Especially when their name is Oppenheimer and they are related to Kohens,
Goldsmiths, etc.

But the bios have to hide this because they need you to think little Opie proceeded on genius. They
can’t have you realizing that, like all these other promoted people, he advanced on a series of byes,
being appointed to a line of positions not based on any talent, but on his family connections. Think of
another cousin, Ludwig Wittgenstein, who may be the ultimate example of this. Except that they pretty
much admit it in his case. He came from a billionaire family and bought himself into many universities,
including Cambridge. In fact, the comparison is very tight because, like Wittgenstein, Oppenheimer
wasn’t just a fraud, he was a clinically insane fraud, and it actually took a lot of effort to prevent that
from completely exploding his mainstream bio. They admit that in the movie in one of the first scenes,
where he nearly murdered an early professor by poisoning an apple. Minus nearly killing Bohr, that
actually happened, and Oppenheimer was booted out of Cambridge for it, having to go to Gottingen
instead. Only the fact that he was so wealthy saved him from prosecution. His father intervened.”


Source: http://mileswmathis.com/oppen.pdf


7 Responses to “Oppenheimer was a Fraud”

  1. newensign says:

    Yes Pete, Miles Mathis comes up with some good info, but I have noticed he gets mixed up with the word “Jew” which was never in the original Scriptures. It was placed there by the Edomite Masoreties translation of the Bible from which most of the western Bibles were translated. The word Jew an additional geographical name for Judean, which included a small number of the tribe of Judah, true Israel, while the rest were mainly Edomites. As well as stealing everything else, they have stolen the identity of true Israel by writing themselves into the Bible. The Bible refers to them as the Synagogue of Satan – they are not Hebrews as Miles sometimes calls them!!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Agreed newensign

      He uses the word incorrectly. The word is too general and limiting, the tribe is much more subtle in reality. Generalising with one word is not appropriate because Jews are everywhere, and are prominent in every political persuasion. It’s not that simple

      Maybe an indication that he is controlled in some way?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Like Trump’s mother being a penniless servant girl from The Isle of Lewis called McLeod – the name of Hebridean royalty! The term Jew is much used but not much understood. The Reptilians need a cover story and as a result of the Jew smokescreen we don’t look for Reptilian elements but Jewish.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Oh the poor penniless Oppenheimers…

    Dame Margaret Eve Hodge DBE MP (born 8 September 1944) is a British Labour politician, who has served as Member of Parliament for Barking since 1994.

    Hodge was created Minister for Children in 2003

    Margaret Eve Oppenheimer was born in 1944 at Cairo, Egypt to Hans Oppenheimer and his wife Lisbeth (née Hollitscher). Oppenheimer left Stuttgart in Germany during the 1930s to join his uncle’s metals business trading out of Cairo and Alexandria, where he met his fellow émigrée Austrian-born wife. Married in 1936, Lisbeth and he had five children, four girls and a boy.

    At the outset of World War II, the couple and their eldest daughter were rendered stateless, effectively being stranded in the kingdom of Egypt for the duration of the War. The couple decided to leave Egypt as anti-semitism had increased in the Middle East during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The family moved to London where the Oppenheimers started the family-owned steel-trading corporation Stemcor, a privately held company with an annual turnover of over £6 billion in 2011. Dame Margaret is a major shareholder, and lists her holdings in the Parliamentary Register of Members’ Interests.
    Child abuse controversy

    In 1985, Demetrios Panton wrote to Islington Council to complain about abuse suffered while in Council care during the 1970s and 1980s. Panton received an official response in 1989, wherein the Council denied all responsibility.

    In 1990, Liz Davies, a senior social worker employed by the Borough with her manager, David Cofie, raised concerns about sexual abuse of children under Islington Council care. Correspondence between Hodge and the Director of Social Work indicates that she declined a request for extra resources to investigate. Instead, the Cofie and Davies investigation was dismissed by council officials in May 1990; this appears to have been after the police declared they had found insufficient evidence of abuse, despite which the two social workers pursued further enquiries on their own.[16] In early 1992, Davies (not to be confused with the barrister and former Islington Councillor) resigned from her post and requested again that Scotland Yard investigate the allegations.

    The Evening Standard, in 1992, then resumed reporting allegations of abuse in Islington Care Homes, its initial submission being slated by Hodge as a “sensationalist piece of gutter journalism”, although she has since apologised for this outburst, claiming that her officials had given her false information. Shortly afterwards Hodge resigned to pursue a career with Price Waterhouse. In 1995, the “White Report” into sexual abuse in Islington Care Homes reported that the Council had failed to investigate adequately these allegations and blamed its doctrinaire interpretation of equal opportunities claiming a fear of being branded homophobic.

    In 2003, following Hodge’s appointment as Minister for Children, Panton went public with his allegations that he had been the subject of abuse in Islington Council care which although he had repeatedly raised the matter he had been ignored. He accused Hodge’s complacency as being ultimately responsible for the abuse that he alleged to have suffered. Moreover, Davies simultaneously went public regarding the concerns she had previously raised while working for the Council.[19] Following a media campaign conducted by several national newspapers calling for her to resign from her new post, she responded to Panton by letter, in which she apologised for referring to him as “an extremely disturbed person” in an earlier letter to the BBC Chairman Gavyn Davies, which was broadcast on Radio 4’s Today programme. A formal apology to Panton was made in the High Court on 19 November 2003 by Lady Hodge’s barrister with a settlement of £30,000.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes sov, I remember all this quite well. She was the Labour leader of Islington council at the time wasn’t she. And was active in covering up that Islington child abuse scandal

      This fact didn’t stop her becoming a Labour MP shortly after though. Wiki admits:

      “The end of Hodge’s service on Islington Council, prior to her entering Parliament, was marred by the emergence of serious child abuse allegations concerning Council-run children’s homes in Islington.[23] She has apologised several times since the emergence of the scandal in the 1980s that directly linked her council tenure with what she admitted in 2014 was “shameful naivety” in ignoring the complaints of paedophile victims”

      Shameful naivety! Pull the other one

      If I remember correctly then, she laid low in Israel for a spell before being parachuted into her safe Labour seat shortly after her return

      Despite all this then, she was made Minister of State for Children in 2003, by Bliar!!!

      Which just shows how untouchable that these well connected types are. No appointment could have been more inappropriate. But the media kept silent and Hodge’s career just carried on to the present day

      She was active in the take down of Jeremy Corbyn too. More Wiki:

      “In March 2019, Hodge made a secret recording of a meeting she had with Corbyn. The recording was later passed to The Sunday Times which published extracts.[79] In the recording, Corbyn said that some evidence of complaints was being mislaid, ignored or not used, which was why he had asked Lord Falconer to review the process.[80][81][82] Corbyn later wrote to Hodge to convey his disappointment at what he considered “to be a total breach of trust and privacy”.”

      • sovereigntea says:

        Another thoroughly diabolical yet pivotal character Blair lived in Islington at the time Hodge was looking after the children’s homes. The Future of Britain band are planning a reunion.. see revolting picture c/o Telegraph

        Stemcor was founded by Hodge’s father, Hans Oppenheimer, and was run by her brother, Ralph, until September 2013.[43] Helia Ebrahimi, The Daily Telegraph‍ ’​s then City Correspondent, raised the issue in November 2012 of Hodge’s suitability as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, leading an investigation into the tax arrangements of a number of US companies operating in the UK given her family’s company “pays just 0.01pc tax on £2.1bn of business generated in the UK”.[11]
        Titles, styles and honours

        DBE insignia
        Miss Margaret Oppenheimer (8 September 1944 – 1968) Mrs Andrew Watson (1968 – 1973) Cllr Mrs Andrew Watson (1973 – 1978) Cllr Mrs Henry Hodge (1978 – 1978) Cllr Mrs Henry Hodge, MBE (1978 – 1992) Mrs Henry Hodge, MBE (1992 – 1994) Mrs Henry Hodge, MBE, MP (1994 – 2003) The Rt Hon. Margaret Hodge, MBE, MP (2003 – 2004) The Rt Hon. Lady Hodge, MBE, MP (2004 – 2015) The Rt Hon. Dame Margaret Hodge, DBE, MP (2015 onwards) Hodge was appointed Member (MBE) in 1978 and promoted Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the Dissolution Honours List of 27 August 2015.[48]

        See also:

        – Stemcor – Chairmen of the UK Parliament Public Accounts Committee – Barking