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One-third of Britons don’t know trans women are biologically male – survey

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Research has shown significant public confusion over various gender-related terms in the UK

A survey conducted in the United Kingdom has shown that more than one-third of respondents did not know that transgender women were born biologically male, as campaigners call for greater understanding of the phraseology being used in the ongoing debate over gender.

The poll, which comes from Scottish-based analysis group Murray Blackburn Mackenzie (MBM), showed that 35% of people sampled were of the belief that a transgender woman was someone who was born as a female, or did not know what the term meant.

The results, MBM said, showed that there are “high levels of misunderstanding and confusion” regarding gender-based phrases in the UK. The group added that the survey underscores a need for further clarity on language being used by the media in relation to debates around transgender athletes in sport or gender-affirming care.

“Using these terms, without spelling out what they mean for a person’s sex as a matter of course, will leave a large minority of people at best uncertain,” MBM’s Lisa Mackenzie said.

The survey data also showed that 40% of people did not have an accurate definition of the term “trans woman,” while the 25-34 age group was less knowledgeable about gender language than both the 18-24 and 55+ groups.
Trans athletes banned by British sports association

The topic of gender-based terms and gender identity has been a prevalent one in recent years, especially as it pertains to transgender women competing against biologically born women in sport. Gender-affirming care for people under the age of 18 has also incited debate about the ethics involved in medically assisting the gender transition of a young person.

Critics of the latter claim that many cases in which a minor disagrees with their biological sex can be explained as a side-effect of puberty, or gender dysmorphia – a clinical term used to describe when a person doesn’t feel associated with the sex assigned at birth.

Various Republican-led legislatures in the United States have set in motion plans to restrict gender-affirming care for minors, while several sporting governing bodies have imposed rules over the past several months to restrict the ability for transgender women to compete against biological women in competition.

The topic drew widespread media attention after swimmer Lia Thomas became the first transgender athlete to win a female national collegiate title in the United States in March 2022. Thomas had previously competed, largely without success, on the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s swim team.

According to Maya Forstater from the Sex Matters campaign group, “When policy decisions are being made it is crucial that people understand what is meant.

“They need to spell out clearly whether the person is male or female,” she told The Telegraph.


4 Responses to “One-third of Britons don’t know trans women are biologically male – survey”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    That’s hilarious! But hardly surprising. I suppose most folk don’t give a damn about all their “transgender” promotion in reality

    The whole thing has been got up by the usual suspects, of course. Until they started changing the meaning of words then, most folk NEVER came up against this shite in their whole life. The real percentage of folk with dysmorphia was absolutely minute. I’d personally NEVER heard of it until the propaganda started, and I was born in 1950!

    When they started their brainwashing media, and other, promotion of this baloney then, it took off amongst the weak minded woke brigade. The “me, me, me” generation fell for it, hook, line and sinker it seems

    The word “gender” was just a grammatical term in the old days. Think French, or Spanish and others, there were just 2 sexes, still are in fact. It’s in the chromosomes dummy!

    And back in the day then, 99.999% of folk would have thought you were a fruitloop if you started “identifying” as something you are not! They would have thought you were mad

    So a kick up the ass, with some words like “Grow up!” or “You are a nutter” or “Go and see a shrink” would have been your reward. Short shrift in other words

    It’s hard to know if dysmorphia has increased in reality, but it probably has. Is that just due to brainwashing? I doubt it. This shite is probably a cover for all their nasty chemicals that they’ve been pumping out for decades. They are well known to have serious effects on human, and animal, physiology. Including sex distorting effects before and during puberty

    So modern males are being feminised by both chemicals and propaganda. Fits into the globalist project like a glove doesn’t it. Testosterone fuelled males are a threat to the regime, particularly white ones

    So they just don’t mention all the chemicals, tell them it’s a “choice”. Sigh

    • Gordon says:

      I fully agree with you Pete. Like yourself, I grew up in the 50s and certainly if you were found to be a poof you were done-in and thrown out of town. I recall my brother having pulled a neighbour from his house after learning he had been hanging around public conveniences and giving him a thrashing. I learned later that other townsfolk did the same until the poof eventually left town. That was the way it was back then. Today well, you can see it for yourself, it’s staring you in the face along with the destruction of our heritage, and our culture which as you rightly say is brought on by “The usual suspects”.


      • Belyi says:

        I was told by a Sicilian who came from a small village that there had been the case of a man interfering with children. As soon as this was known, he was thrashed within an inch of his life and thrown out.

        I just hope he didn’t take his evil ways somewhere else.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    At school in the 70’s still only two genders male & female although I do recall the exception snails were hermaphrodite.

    Chemicals and the behavioural insights / Tavistock mindbenders collectively working to dumb down, pacify and reduce population. WW1 & WW2 removing the boldest and brightest from the gene pool.

    Sheeple farming.