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More On Gonzalo Lira

If there was a plan to create division among those critical of the Ukrainian regime, Gonzalo Lira is proving a useful conduit.

Gonzalo Lira Why I stand with Scott Ritter and Eva Bartlett- new circumstantial evidence

Andrei Martyanov joins Scott Ritter, Eve Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, and George Eliason in suspecting Gonzalo Lira is working with the SBU
About 22 minutes in…


7 Responses to “More On Gonzalo Lira”

  1. newensign says:

    I agree NPP that Gonzalo was most likely a honey trap to sniff out those opposed to the Ukraine government, which of course is not Ukrainian, but is now an AshkeNAZI state supported by their controllers in Washington and London. This is a state that is busy murdering its own citizens to clear it of ethnic Russians and Ukrainians and create a greater Israel for the 200,000 Khaszars already there and those that want to move from unstable Palestine. I suspect Gonzalo was one of them, a wandering Edomite, just like the controllers in Washington with their dual passports! Calling elements of forces in the Ukraine NAZI is to demonise our cousins the Germans who made the mistake of giving some of them refuge when the Russians destroyed their evil empire centuries ago!

  2. NPP says:

    I do not propose:
    ‘Gonzalo was most likely a honey trap to sniff out those opposed to the Ukraine government’

    I don’t know.
    I do know it has divided opinion of commentators I take information from.

    I’m tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I simply don’t know.

    • Tapestry says:

      No one knows anything for sure, but the only reason Martyanov gives is that he generally agrees with Scott Ritter, so as not to fall out with Scott Ritter I guess….
      I would be more swayed by one or two of the others mentioned but would also require this thing called evidence. We have had years of watching Gonzalo spin his theses – and I saw no evidence at all for doubting the genuineness of his output. The latest videos were mind blowing and many would start by thinking that what they saw simply must be impossible. I tend to see the impossible as being more possible than most can imagine. Was he put upon to do the dash to Hungary by his interlocutors as a cunning ruse? I can’t see it. What is gained exactly? Ritter is in my opinion not a top source but one who still has some connection with his previous employers. You never retire from those organisations. Gonzalo was and is indeed a maverick who gives NATO and Ukraine a very bad name, and NATO would love to see him silenced. He is popular in the US where he has a following making it hard to just splat him. As I say, evidence of him being a double agent would be good. Suggesting he is such, is a good way to keep the bookings coming in if you’re a media commentator – there would be payoff were someone to spill a few things NATO wants to hear. We all have to make a living. And the Gonzalo topic right now is red hot. I feel that if Ukraine had him, they would be showing it in some way, to reduce the current embarassment he has caused them. As each day goes by and there is no evidence of his recapture, we can hope we might see hear his voice again, and we can be assured of those who would like him silenced will be spinning the story. I will be very interested to see any evidence, as I say. Have you seen any Ned? Or are we still in the realm of speculation? I will be the last to beleive he is a double agent myself.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        That all makes sense to me Tap

        You are both correct in that we cannot really know. We have no verifiable evidence, so cannot know for certain

        Larry Johnson is another “ex” CIA guy who says that the notion of Gonzalo being a NATO/Ukie “agent” is ridiculous. That agents always further the cause of their paymasters, and not their enemies

        Given that Gonzalo has been anti NATO/Ukie all through his rise to fame it is hard to see exactly how he was helping NATO/Ukie in any way. If he’s anyone’s agent then it surely must be for Russia? And if that is true then, there is no way at all that he would have released is there. He would have disappeared for ever

        • NPP says:

          Larry Johnson says ‘ridiculous’? Good.

          A hypothesis is Gonzalo has been an unwitting catalyst/tool/fool for collecting data.

  3. NPP says:

    We don’t know. It is compelling to follow what happens next.

    I do know I am fed up with my country backing Ukraine for as long as it takes while hoards of uneducated foreign males swarm into our country to be cared & paid for.

    Ritter stood up against the Blair/Bush war machine & must always be given credit. Gonzalo over-reacted to Ritter at the outbreak of their handbag fight. Ritter has credibility. Gonzalo, as entertaining as he has been, is a relatively unknown quantity to me.

    I’m more concerned about Ratty Sunak & Kueer Starmer the Blockhead.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Compelling for sure and I guess that the truth will out eventually

      “I do know I am fed up with my country backing Ukraine for as long as it takes while hoards of uneducated foreign males swarm into our country to be cared & paid for.”

      Me too, it’s crazy and it’s hard to believe that there is not a nefarious purpose. The “authorities” could surely end it all fairly easily if they wanted to. We aren’t short of the appropriate boats and sailors are we?

      Ratty and Kueer are opposite sides of the same coin. The “One Party”, or LabLibCon party. British politics will remain moribund unless someone breaks the mould. Go Teds!

      Or anybody else who has the cojones to disrupt the complacent status quo. It will take big cojones to achieve that now