More Evidence That Snake Venom in The Water is Causing Illness

When Dr. Ardis’ research showed that one of the ingredients in the jab was snake venom, it was dismissed as false when aired on the Stew Peter’s show (an Edomite). Even John Kaminski said it was disinformation, as venom cannot get past the stomach! .However a widely used heart drug and one for diabetes made from snake venom, are in pills taken with water. Nicotine being the antidote to neutralise the poison shows why the enemy is so keen to stop smoking -its certainly not for good health reasons! This also explains how people are getting ill from “covid” without having been jabbed! Was this a cunning move to be on the Stew Peter’s show, to get the truth trashed by the alternative media? Click picture below for full story:








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2 Responses to “More Evidence That Snake Venom in The Water is Causing Illness”

  1. Tapestry says:

    You can always tell when people go on pharmacy. Their faces go patchy and red. Their health seems to head south once the doctors get them on pills.