7 Responses to “Meme – Why are These Banned?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Because they work! Simple as that

  2. newensign says:

    That’s right Pete, but I wonder how many of the public believe that when the government bans something it is for one’s own good!!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Probably a big majority newensign. But now a steadily shrinking majority, I hope and expect

      When the full magnitude of the covid jab disaster becomes apparent then, I suspect that there will be a sea change too. Because the truth is slowly coming out now and, at some point then, the current trickle of increasing awareness will become a torrent

      I imagine that this is one of the reasons for the western globalists current panic. Combined with their Ukraine war disaster, their relentless financial shenanigans, and maybe more

      So what sort of mega distraction are they planning to take everybody’s eyes off those balls? There is bound to be one I think, that is standard operating procedure for these reptiles isn’t it. Especially true now given that all these massive solids are about to hit the proverbial fan

      Maybe another WHO scamdemic, but this time with real deaths? Aliens? Something else? Whatever it is then, I expect extreme scepticism here on the Tap. What a fascinating time to be alive hey!

      • newensign says:

        Quite true Pete, more and more people are waking up re the jabs, but the enemy being the great deceivers they are as well as psychologists, are even circulating reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine in their version of the alternative news such as GB News owned by Rupert Murdock. The reason for this I believe, is people become conditioned to the vaccine slaughter. Being so well publicised, they assume this will be the end of it and those responsible dealt with. After allowing enough time has passed they will repeat it. Covid was just a replay of the Spanish Flu. It was even overseen by a Dr. Gates and promoted mask wearing. Although bad, the so called flu was caused by the rollout of electricity and high powered radio stations, but what we are not told is that immediately they started vaccinating deaths rose expedenitially. In those days it was easier to cover up because then there was no internet!

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Yes newensign, the cold blooded reptiles really are crafty. They have honed their psych population management skills over a very long period of time to.

          And, yes Spanish Flu was most likely a combination of new EMF’s and vax as you say. Arthur Firstenbergs book “Invisible Rainbow” is a solid reference work to explain the EMF’s disaster for humans. I highly recommend it, provided that you have a strong stomach that is. He is relentless

          Given Firstenbergs revelations then I can’t help but think that covid was connected with Musk’s massive Starlink satellite rollout too. It coincided with covid didn’t it? High microwave energy bathing the whole planet. And, hey presto, a new “Flu” suddenly appeared

          • newensign says:

            Yes I have Arthur Firstenberg’s Pete, a pity a more people don’t read it, then they would know what is really going on. I think you are right about the starlink project although I do not know much about it myself. Everything dovetail’s into their evil plan!