Kalin Flournoy

The fact that this unruly, young child has a handler isn’t really a mystery. All of the alleged billionaires that just dropped out of the sky do. From Warren Buffet to George Soros, all on the “common agenda” boat, surely have handlers whose name[s] are entirely omitted from mainstream media, which also has the same handler[s].
There’s only one race of people who (many of which) have and have had for centuries or more, the burning desire to “overthrow civilization” as Churchill put it, or “overthrow the world order” (God’s creation) as several Rabbis have put it.
Interestingly enough, that race name is as protected by the media as the names of the handlers, who are of that race (or tribe) – Jews.
The ordinary Jews that don’t support this agenda need to stand up and speak-out against the peddlers of chaos, sacrifice their loyalty to the tribe and join the family of truth (God).
Indeed, it was written long ago of them: “Think not that I came to bring peace to the land, but a sword, to sever father from son, brother from brother, …etc.).
And in another place: “Let the dead bury their dead”).
And furthermore: “If you don’t hate your father, mother, brother, sister, your own children and your own life too, you are not able to be my student!”
It was a hard call for Jews in the last age as it is in this age, but it’s a choice they’ll eventually have to make – Jewry or the family of God.

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One Response to “Kalin”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “The fact that this unruly, young child has a handler isn’t really a mystery”

    Which unruly young child is that Kalin? Presumably not “Kalin Flournoy”, who is the post author

    So who are you talking about there Kalin? Got a link?

    I think that your view of Jews is too limited too Kalin. Your “Jewry or the family of God” is far too simplistic. Jews come in all types, and all from all persuasions, and are everywhere. See the book “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” which is fascinating about Jews in the New World, going back to just after 1492 too

    Also see Gliad Atzmon, born a Jew in Israel. He left the tribe and Israel, now lives in London. He explained a lot about Jews and their affiliations. His book “Being in Time – a Post Political Manifesto” is excellent on this and lots of other things too

    I say “tribe” because anyone can be a Jew as long as they try hard enough, there’s no requirement to be a Semite. Askenazi’s, who currently run Israel, are NOT Semites are they. So Jews are not a race, they are a tribe