Jewish Oligarchs Fleeing Putin’s Russia for Israel

Note: Although a bit dated – Mike King’s article shows up Putin’s miscalculation in not going after all the Oligarchs and others of that race:

When Vlad the Bad inherited what was a broken political system, economy and society in 2000, the new kid on the block was in no position to crush the Jewish Oligarchs who — in partnership with their western tribesmen —  had bought up and looted Russia in the aftermath of the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Rather than confront the dangerous multi-headed Hydra monster head-on with just his bare hands, Putin patiently played the long game of steady recovery and gradual power accumulation — all the while, “keeping his enemies close.”…… Click on link below for full article

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2 Responses to “Jewish Oligarchs Fleeing Putin’s Russia for Israel”

  1. Belyi says:

    I seem to remember that when he came to power, President Putin told the oligarchs they could keep their ill-gotten gains as long as they didn’t interfere in politics.

    If they’re leaving, I can’t see that’s bad news for Russia, but for them it could be as Russia has a much more stable future than Israel.

    • newensign says:

      Quite true Belyi, It also said in the article that the oligarchs could keep their ill-gotten gains if they didn’t interfere. Yes its a good thing for Russia the Jewish oligarchs are fleeing from their country.