Gonzalo Lira – SBU Asset ?


The other side of the argument

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One Response to “Gonzalo Lira – SBU Asset ?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    That’s a real laugh, Mr Ritter. A US Defence Industry pundit trying to out a citizen journalist with years of solid honesty and bucketloads of genuine emotion, and character. I see Scott Ritter as the one who has no idea on Gonzalo – just as he gave false reports about Gonzalo the first time he ‘disappeared’, or at least jumped to conclusions which turned out to be wrong. The Empire is greatly needled by Gonzalo’s popularity and skill as a communicator. They see propaganda as their game, and media as how they crush everyone else. Now it’s their turn to suck the lemon and they don’t like it. Ritter more often appears as a captive stooge in the media war than a free voice. If the SBU were holding Gonzalo they would make sure he was shown to be in their captivity. Each day that goes by without him being paraded as a dead rabbit inside their system of brutality, is another day of hope. Theorising the chain smoking, womanising, both foolish and courageous character that is Gonzalo as an SBU asset betrays a very shallow understanding of people, and compromises Ritter in my opinion yet further.