Glyphosate = Cancer : Daily Mail Catches Up

Editor’s Note:- My father died of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma he used a lot of Roundup. Another risk factor was  the policy of local council Redditch Borough Council spraying vast amounts of the stuff over every roadside, path and piece of street furniture in the town with no formal risk assessment or consideration of contamination. Curiously probably due to the runoff all the ponds and pools in the town have become largely devoid of insect life.

And glyphosate contaminates almost everything we eat !

‘I was immediately told it was cancer,’ he says. ‘It turned out I had another three malignant lumps inside me — in my neck, right hip and near my spine, which I didn’t even know about. It was non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer.

‘I was shocked rather than scared because I had absolutely no idea there was something so seriously wrong with me — I felt perfectly fit and healthy.’

At this point, Nigel could have been forgiven for cursing his luck and attributing his diagnosis to nothing more than the random nature of cancer. But then he discovered something troubling.

Two other local agricultural workers he knew through farming circles had recently been given exactly the same diagnosis.

One was a farm labourer who was just 23 when he became ill, the other a contractor in his 50s, employed to dispose of empty weedkiller cans used on farms. Both had been treated and, thankfully, were in remission.

But what all three men had in common was regular exposure to glyphosate, a potent weedkiller used in industrial quantities on Britain’s farms, as well as by local councils and highway authorities to kill weeds in parks, playgrounds and roadside verges.

Glyphosate has also been available to amateur gardeners in garden centres across the UK, under the brand name Roundup.

‘I have generally used glyphosate on the farm at least twice a year; first when I’m putting seed in the ground in September time and then again in the spring as a weedkiller,’ says Nigel, who lives with his partner Jane, 57.

‘We don’t have much choice about whether to use glyphosate: anything else that works costs about 15 times more,’ he says.

‘I do now use protective clothing when I’m spraying it, but when I was younger I admit I might not have been as careful.’

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One Response to “Glyphosate = Cancer : Daily Mail Catches Up”

  1. newensign says:

    I agree Sovereigntea, glyphosate (roundup) is a poison, although the manufacturers claim any residual hitting the soil becomes harmless, which is a lie. That is why modern varieties of wheat are so dangerous. Not only has wheat been hybridised to produced a larger crop for more profit, it was necessary to develop a variety with a shorter stem to stop it being blown over, in so doing it altered the chemistry of the plant so that to human body can’t dealt with it so well causing obesity and other problems. Not to mention wheat crops are sprayed heavily with glyphosate. They have craftily covered up the illness caused to consumers by blaming it on Gluten Intolerance!! No mention of it being due to GMO and particularly Glyphosate. That is why if people stop eating bread and wheat products for a week they feel so much better! I bake my own bread using the ancient grain spealt.