Fossilised hair thousands of times thicker than ours. ‘Fungus’ says BBC. What do you think?

These giant Fossils are in many places but “Unexplained” until now. The BBC says these Fossils are from Giant Fungus that lived in the FIRST DAYS OF LIFE….before trees existed….. However I strongly disagree with the BBC Claims and present evidence to support my claims. So lets talk BBC??????? 1st of all why are they on TOP of the Earth if Billions of Years Old? 2nd I will show they belonged to Giant Creatures.

TAP – As John says, we just need to keep an open mind, and there is no requirement to decide if anything is true or not true.  Observing what is going around is interesting, and I cannot say that I am sure about this or other similar fantastical tales.  I will just look and keep an open mind.  The crater earth theory sounds interesting but really I can’t get a handle on it at all.

As for the giant hair, all electrical systems are scaleable.  Life is all based on electricity.  I am a dinosaur sceptic by the way, but these fossils are challenging.  With an open mind, I’d like to see more evidence of these proposed giant life forms.


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  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Fascinating and totally wild!

    I just bought this book from Amazon for £10.12

    It will go on my “to read” pile and it maybe some time before I get round to it! Currently slowly digesting Pierre’s first book

    • Tapestry says:

      I like the approach from Roger but am always concerned by single source topics. I emailed him to ask if there were any Welsh dragons my son could go and see – my son is very interested aged 11. Roger wrote back and asked for the location of dragons in Wales in mythology. I suggested Cadr Idris – Idris the giant’s chair near Dolgellau, and Dinas Emrys where the bodies of the red and white dragons are said to be resting near Beddgelert. Let’s see if anything comes back. I wonder if the book gives more sources. Videos can be so well acted and images created.

  2. paullewis says:

    everything used to be bigger in this realm

  3. paullewis says:

    all the ones who slag off the flat earthers havent done their own research – same as all the ones who use the phrase conspiracy theorists

  4. paullewis says:

    giant trees in addition to giants–BTrxvoI

  5. Tapestry says:

    There are many wonderful theories doing the rounds. They can’t all be true. The earth has been around a long time, and there are records of the experience of earlier generations, and these are a good place to look for evidence. Written words or rock drawings. You need a trail to follow. Videos are great but they don’t persuade without more evidence from other sources. It is easy to manipulate an image, less easy to change the words of ancient languages and writings for example.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I agree Tap which is why I’m focussing on Pierre Sabak for now. I’m more into books than vids, which I feel are far too susceptible to manipulation. Can’t beat words on the page for me

      So I bought Roger’s book and will report back in due course. Not immediately though as I said above

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        I’ve started Roger’s book:
        “Introduction to Mudfossils and Geology”
        and I am very impressed so far. I’m about a third through and already I’ve bought another book as a result, see image

        Clearly Velikovsky is a mentor to Roger. He died in 1950 so he’s been a mentor via his works rather than directly I suppose

        I’ve already learned a lot from this short book. It’s only 130 pages of large, widely spaced text, in a near coffee table size. On the face of it, not good value at all. But, at only £10, very good value so far

  6. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for reporting back Pete. In England I have no time to read – and will buy the book next time we’re travelling. It seems to be the reptilians bred races of giant fauna and flora and then destroyed them all – bar sequioa I suppose – in the great flood – in a way that they didn’t decompose the bodily tissues but fossilised them – and we mean giants miles in height not feet. Why? To make the earth fertile I imagine so that te next race can be designed for phase two. Then they released us lot to develop the world as we have done so that this time they want to kill us off without destroying everything around us – unlike with the world of giants – killing not with flood or steam but using vaxxines, pollution and medicines and other toxins. Then when we’re all tidied up, they might keep a few specimens around as servants and then they’ll move in and take over everything we built. Alien cuckoos you might say.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      It’s fascinating stuff Tap. My immediate question with super giants is: what about gravity? If gravity is as we are told [which I doubt] then, such massive creatures are impossible aren’t they? So it must have been variable over time or something. In that case it’s not as “science” says it is

      Roger is quite rightly scathing about academia too, see image

      Incidentally, Godgevlamste, covers the great flood in one of his early vids. I’m up to vid 10 now and he is still holding my attention. I’m not rushing

      • Tapestry says:

        The way I see the size issue is that all life is electrical and all electrical things are scaleable – they can be tiny or vast. Giants were two and a half miles tall according to the Book Of Enoch. Why were they bred? The reptilians decided to fertilise the earth to make it more attractive as a place for them to live. They bred the giants then felled them by sending Venus down to boil the oceans and convert the oxygen in the atmosphere into water with hydrogen. Where did the hydrogen come from? That bit I’m not so sure about. As Venus approached earth the temperature was rising releasing hydrogen, is I think what Roger says. The Reptilians released humans to colonise and build the infrastructure of the world they will use once they’ve eliminated us. The methods used to eliminate humans are by stealth so our infrastructures are not destroyed in the process. Vaccines to the fore, and conventional warfare.