Enola Gay the Hiroshima plane – Clown world continuum history

Enola Gay
Paul Tibbets waving from the Enola Gays cockpit before taking off for the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945

“How about that groaner of a fake, where ENOLA GAY looks like it was written with a Marks-a-lot,
and Tibbets was obviously pasted in. They should have pasted Sasquatch in the rear window to
complete the joke.

I will be told they had to repaint this because the words wore off in high winds. No, since according to
the mainstream story ENOLA GAY wasn’t painted on the plane until August 5, 1945, the day before
the mission. So try again.

I hope you see this means the joke is quickly losing its punch. Since this is all fake, it means they
didn’t choose the name as an homage to Tibbets’ mother—which was always a fishy story. I never
understood why these guys were allowed to name the plane and the bombs to start with. But we now
see that is just the usual cover story. The truth is it wasn’t Tibbets or anyone else who named the plane
and the bombs, it was the usual asshole scriptwriters. The same sort of people who thought it was
funny to name a TV series lead Beaver Cleaver in the 1950s

So let’s look again at what we have here:

Enola Gay [Hiroshima bomb plane]

Little Boy [Hiroshima bomb]

Fat Man [Nagasaki bomb]

Do I have to explain this to you? It’s the usual transparent gay lingo, inserted by some truly sick
bastards into this fake history to further discombobulate and confuse their audience. “Do not see what
is right in front of you!” Look away. It can’t be what it seems to be, so we will pretend it is


The Enola Gay's History Lives On > U.S. Department of Defense > Blog

That picture is now easier to read, isn’t it? What in heck is that first guy wearing? Do you really think
that is regulation Air Force attire? These guys look like they are about to head down to the YMCA. So
I guess we can see why they are always cracking up in these photos. We are also missing Lewis, as
usual. The co-pilot would not be called ground crew.”


I copied the first picture and text below from Wikipedia, and the second from the US Department of defence. Which is where he obtained them I suppose

There is quite a bit more in the link below

So why would they need to fake all the photos of the early nuclear tests, the Hiroshima explosion photos and the Enola Gay crew?

Didn’t the US air force have any decent photographers in 1945?

Maybe for the same reason that they issued todays “Police mugshot” of Trump that looks like a cartoon pantomime villain shot rather than an official photo. It is missing his name and the date too. So it is clearly NOT a police mugshot. They are supposed to be an official record with full name and date

Trump’s is Donald John Trump and it was supposedly taken yesterday, 25th August 2023. Both are missing

But the mugshot does conveniently make him look like a mafiosi who is about to strike

A cartoon election for a cartoon world

All the world is a stage and it has been for a long time

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Source: http://mileswmathis.com/gay.pdf