Humans are us

I checked out Perre Sabak’s Holographic Culture page 220. A drawing by Pierre of an original from 1619 by Hieronymus Wierix’ ‘Angel Michael Triumphing over The Dragon’ ( a version of st george and the dragon)……..’The image shows mythologically the Fall of the Titans’, and the war between Heaven and Earth – a conflict that led to the corruption of the Anthropos.’ A Teitan is a Satan – one who opposes God. The book gives more details quoting The Book Of Enoch, translated by R.H.Charles.

MY TAKE. The bloodlines that run earth today are descended from the Titans who were once pure gods who ‘defiled themselves with the daughters of men’. ‘On the earth shall be their dwelling’. The emblem celebrates the pure Reptilians killing the ones who shagged the humans, and bred ‘Giants’ or ‘Watchers’. Humans were nothing at all in this equation – just genetically created servants I imagine who became sex toys and bred a whole earth full of beings with too much intelligence and creativity – ‘too clever by half’. In effect the slaves are becoming competitors. The problem is being solved today by depopulation, genetic adjustment and removal of freedoms from the human herd to stop us progressing any further.

The bloodlines are doing the dirty work here on earth to please the serpents up in the Pleiades and elsewhere. There is a higher spiritual level above all this reptilian interplay, not often mentioned in the book – the Aeon where humanity’s destiny must one day lie. What are the images and emblems of that?

There is a reptilian agenda to trap human souls in the afterlife, and prevent us from leaving the earth’s zone when we die. We should be releasing the millions or billions of trapped souls through prayer and exorcism but we all regard ghosts as part of the entertainment or spooky industry.  They don’t want us achieving contentment and being at ease as we die.

This image is nothing like the drawing in the book.  the dragon-looking creature is supposedly a reptilian that bred with humans and the archangel Michael is supposedly fully reptilian….it’s an inversion of the real story, as are all the similar mythological representations, such as St George and the Dragon.   The half breeds would be the ones to look more human, not the fully reptilian god or archangel.

The reptilians are the predators of humanity as are their descendants and their genetic grafts.  Most of us carry some reptilian genes, but our human spirituality is strong, which seems to be a threat to our genetic creators, who hide themselves from our view.  If I was that ugly, I probably would too.  That’s where the psychopaths come from.  Human beings are capable of trust and cooperation, while the reptiles only like hierarchy, power and control – and they have no conscience.  Humans are us.


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  1. John says:

    Good post Tap. Check out the Mudfossil university YouTube channel as it covers giants and proves their existence. That plus dragons.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks John. That looks an interesting site. I am lazy however and am now back in UK with little time! Can you suggest a video or two on the site to get me started?

  3. Belyi says:

    I admit to being a worrier and fret about the smallest thing. However, I have no concerns about the future of humanity – I know we’re almost out of the dark cloud that has engulfed us and which has got really dense lately as more people wake up.

    We’re on our way to a bright new future and the death throes of the evil ones don’t impress me, even if they make life uncomfortable for the moment.

  4. newensign says:

    The Real St. George
    St George King Gweirydd and the Red Cross

    The other traditional actions of Joseph of Arimathea were to give to British King Gweirydd or George, the white flag surmounted by the red crown which is still the flag of England today, and then to receive a land grant from the King George upon which he founded Glastonbury.1

    As George is almost certainly the well-recorded British King Gweirydd there may be some truth in this, and as the original Glastenic was at Atherton in the English Midlands that were Gweirydd’s territories where it is still eminently traceable even today, the story is well founded.

    If we add in the fact that Joseph of Arimathea was known in Khumric as St Ilid, and he served as the chaplain to the young prince Bran, a great grandson of King Caradoc I. and father of King Caradoc II. At Trefran and Llanilid, some eighteen miles west of Cardiff, there is a clear geographical scenario emerging.

    A second Llanllid is at Tonyrefail, and another LlanIlid lies further north in Brecon. The stream that runs down the north side of Mynydd y Gaer close to St Peter’s is also named as Nant Ilid – the stream of Ilid.: The Cor of Ilid is shown in the next chapter.

    St. Ilid brought the Holy Family from Jerusalem over to Britain, possibly taking ship at Alexandria in Egypt.

    Joseph of Arimathea has been marginalised as a necessary manoeuvre in order to obliterate the fact that the Holy Family from Jerusalem came into Britain in AD 35-37.

    Ilid is an immensely important figure in the story of Britain.

    The Real “King George” Obliterated

    In the same way the British King Gweirydd in the Midlands has also been totally obliterated, and his role in granting lands to the new faith in the Midlands has been transferred to an impossible St George who was something of a criminal reprobate in the western Mediterranean four hundred years later.

    Just how the Roman Church expected to get away with all this deception is easy to see as the Church controlled what was said and taught and what was written, but not in Khumric Wales.

    The whole site fits the description of the place where Joseph of Arimathea was buried as left to us by Maelgwn of Llandaff, and it is barely a mile to the south from the site of l.landaff Cathedral and village.

    The church was known as St Mary’s. This dedication is again correct and it matches with the ancient traditional records. The grave of Ioannes (‘joseph’) the Bishop of Bethlehem, and the record of visits by King Edward II gives further prove that this was an important site.
    King lestyn ap Gwrgan left his preserved genealogy stretching all the way back to our founding British King Brutus, who arrived into Britain in circa 504 BC; and also refers to Joseph of Arimathea.

    This hugely important document, that has clear corroboration from many other historical records, is routinely ignored. There can be no doubt that everything is exactly as described in the ancient British records.

    Note 1: – Cross of St. George – Joseph of Arimathea presented this coat of arms to Gweirydd/Arviragus is recorded in Gildas, Nennius. Gerald ap Arthur (“Geoffrey of Monmouth”) John Hardyng (or Harding) (1378 – 1465) describes the episode as follows*

    Joseph converted this King Arviragus By his preaching to know ye laws divine And baptized him as write hath Nennius The chronicler in Brytain tongue full fyne An to Christian laws made hym inclyne And gave him then a shield of silver white A cross and long, and overthwart full perfecte These armes were used throughout all Brytain For a common syne, each man to know his nación And thus his armes by Joesph Creación Full longafore Saint George was generate Were worshipt here of mykell elder date.

    Hardynge (rhyming) chronicle of Britain – 15th century