DEW for Brains – Mathis doubles down on Maui and DEW

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“But c’mon, does that picture above look even remotely real? It is hard to believe they still publish it,
but they do”


“Wow, this Maui fraud has brought all the rats out of their holes. Everyone with buck teeth and a wedge
of cheese has been suited up and sent into the game. But despite emptying the bleachers and putting
every man Jack and woman Jackie on it, these dopes can still do nothing but shoot their own paws off.
This is a PR failure to match any before it, even 911 or Sandy Hook. Absolutely no one is buying this,
not even Barbie. You could be made of hard plastic and still be able to spot this as a fraud.

Now that the police chief of Maui has been outed as the event coordinator in the Las Vegas shooting,
normies are finally making the connection there as well, going “Oh, I see, so that was managed, too?
Maybe the world really is just one big psyop.”

I can’t imagine who they thought they were going to fool with this operation. It couldn’t be any less
subtle if they had actually hauled off all the Hawaiian Natives in chains and thrown them in a dungeon.
The next step is to rename the local towns: Oprahville, Ellison Heights, Bezos Beach, Zucktown,
Phoenix Hills, (Jeru)Salem West, Golan Gulch.

But possibly the strangest side street to this fake is the DEW angle, which is being promoted in a
chorus so raucous it can only come from Langley or the Air Force. But why and why now? Why is
someone so insistent that you fear the dreaded DEW now?

Isn’t it obvious? Because they are losing the nuclear fear and need to replace it with something else.
People are finally figuring out there are no nukes, and the Oppenheimer movie failed to quench that
figuring. That too was a PR failure of massive proportions. But they need you to fear one of their
weapons of mass destruction, to keep you huddling under the bed in a cold dread. Covid failed,
because people have finally figured out that one as well. The next fake pandemic is going to be met
with stony silence, non-compliance, or violent pushback. So they need you afraid they can wipe you
out by the millions with some new weapon. All they have to do is push a button and they can melt
your entire town off the map.

But it’s all the usual bluff. Yes, they have some next-generation weapons, but they don’t have a DEW
that can turn the twin towers to dust or melt entire cities. I have already shown you I didn’t need a
DEW to explain what happened in Lahaina. It could be explained by CGI, a lot of camera tricks, and a
thousand lying agents. So let’s go back to the twin towers and 911. That is where this DEW stuff came
from, with Judy Wood claiming the towers were brought down by some sort of directed energy
weapon. All for the birds, since we never needed a DEW to explain anything there, either. We can see
the sequenced shape charges going off, and the only difference between this destruction and previous
ones was the size of the buildings and the fact it was an explosion and not an implosion. Due to the
size of the task, it wasn’t possible to blow all the material inward. So that requirement was let fly.
They were given the OK to use any amount of charge required, which, as we know, was a lot. Was it
thermite or thermate or nanothermite? It doesn’t really matter in this context. What matters is that
what we saw didn’t require beams from satellites or anything like that.”


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