Crater Earth and the Bell of El – Walking over Water PRT1

Another brilliant video from the Radiation Matters YouTube channel.

“How to blossom a strange flower that grows in the desert and flowers in the jungle? With the power of water and the symbology of walking over water we follow boaz and jachin, the sun and moon machine into their quest of summoning PAPPA Kronos into the physical universe.

We start off at the beginning, in where the solomon ship arrives at the chaotic sea of creation, the bigger earth and searches for a portal to enter this dimension…through ringing a BELL of EL, the solomon enters the portal to the depths of creation in where we find new insights regarding the rainbowbridge and the concept the mountain.

Several older concepts like the mountain and the heart/bell return to regain understanding of this dive into the crater portal once more, a process in where humans that disconnect from the original mother energy will turn into monsters , being stuck in the underworld, the land of the dead and set sail into infinity on a ship called Legacy…those that hold their connection will continue the search for the land of the living.”