Broken Britain White-Collar Asset Stripping

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Broken Britain | A Lawless Land of White-Collar Asset Stripping

This week we have witnessed large gangs of disenfranchised youths attempting to loot the major retailers on London’s Oxford Street – in broad daylight – during a deeply troubling incident which was organised on TikTok, for the very purpose of stealing whatever they could get their hands on, from which we must deduce that the UK is most definitely a failed state, where virtually nothing works anymore and everything costs too much, whilst white-collar crime continues to run rampant.

Nevertheless, for a nation with such an illustrious past as Britain to be truly considered broken, the following elements must be completely destroyed:

The Banking System.

The Justice System.

The Rule of Law.

It is my solemn contention that all three elements have been hijacked long ago for the purposes of destroying them and ushering in the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset, both of which seek to eliminate up to 95% of the the world’s population in the service of UN Sustainable Development Goals, purportedly to save the Earth from the CO2 required to sustain organic life upon it.

Moreover, I also contend that incidents like the attempted looting on Oxford Street would not be occurring, were it not for the abject failure of the UK Banking System, the endemic corruption of the so-called Justice System and the total breakdown of the Rule of Law, in an ancient nation that was once renowned for the freedoms and rights guaranteed by birth and protected all events by the Common Law. 

White-Collar Criminality

Given the astonishing volume of damning evidence of unrestrained white-collar criminality presented to various UK Government ministers over the past 15 years, as well as to the two failed regulatory agencies, the FSA and its equally useless successor, the FCA, none have proven to be anything other than glorified, overpaid apologists for the accused, who have also committed a multitude of civil wrongdoings with seeming impunity as a direct result of their failure to regulate the UK banking sector.

In summary, those white-collar criminals stand accused of conspiring to commit institutionalised fraud, forgery and asset-stripping within an entirely fraudulent Banking System, none of which would be possible in the event the accused were not protected by a Justice System rigged to prevent them from suffering the consequences of the Rule of Law being properly applied in Britain.

By way of example, none of the UK banks have a company policy of complying with the statutory law of mortgages laid down by the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989, which renders just about every residential mortgage registered in the Charges Register by the Land Registry illegal, void and capable of of being cancelled as a mistake in the register.

That’s an estimated 11.5 million potentially void registered mortgages, over properties where more than 40 million British people live, all of whom are only 90 days of default away from having their homes stolen and being thrown out on to the street and there is absolutely nothing that the police or the courts will do to help protect them from what is tantamount to land piracy.

Who controls that company policy of perpetuating the common practice of mortgage registration fraud and property theft?

The Bank of England does, by way of the registered illegal charges it placed over the assets of every bank in Britain that received bailout money in the aftermath of the 2008 ‘Credit-Crunch’, which it and various New Labour puppets manufactured for that very purpose, since when mortgage fraud has run more rampant in this country than ever before.

In addition to using the UK banks’ dependence on the Bank of England controlled Faster Payments Service to bribe their boards of directors with threats of cancelling their membership if they don’t obey the dictates of the Governor of the Bank.

Rampant Mortgage Fraud

One of the millions of victims of mortgage registration fraud has been fighting for justice since 2003 against a party claiming to be Bank of Scotland, when there is no record that she ever held a mortgage account at the bank.

But there is emphatic evidence that whoever is behind the bogus claim against Rosemary Copeland has already stolen the proceeds of a property she owned outright when it was sold and that they are currently attempting to defraud her of her home of twenty years.

Yet when she and her legal advocate presented copious evidence of this fraud and of the forging of high court writs by the solicitors firm instructed to act in the name of Bank of Scotland to her local police, they dismissed it as hearsay and falsely told her that the county court had confirmed that the writ was properly issued and that the bank had confirmed that she did hold a mortgage account with them that had fallen into default.

However, the police officers involved, including a senior fraud detective, have since confirmed that they were given that information by the solicitors who claim to be acting for Bank of Scotland, rather than by the court and the bank, as they originally claimed in an attempt to justify aiding and abetting in the violent eviction of a retired, single grandmother, who was thrown out on to the street despite having proven beyond reasonable doubt that the claims against her are fraudulent and the documents relied upon are forged.

TGBMS Grounds

However, the additional grounds Rosie is relying upon [otherwise known as the TGBMS Grounds] don’t just apply in her case, they apply to all registered UK mortgagors, at least half of whom are already living with the threat of violent eviction hanging over their heads, as a direct result of the governor of the Bank of England’s grossly negligent insistence that mercilessly raising interest rates every month for two years was the cure for the financial carnage caused by Sunak and Bailey’s predecessor Mark Carney, whilst the former was acting as chancellor during CONVID-1984.

In other words which nobody could fail to understand, at least half of the people in Britain are facing the prospect of losing their homes to fraudulent claims by white-collar criminals, who can depend on the dodgy courts and the complicit police to help them unlawfully and often brutally enforce forged court orders and writs, whilst ignoring the veritable plethora of evidence which proves the entire UK finance industry is dependent on the continuation of the financial crimes it has been built upon.

Moreover, without a fair Banking System, a just Justice System and the Rule of Law being applied equitably, Britain cannot be anything other than broken and the time has come for the British people to use UCT’s all purpose non-judicial remedies, following the system’s fatal failure to honour our unalienable birth rights, guaranteed by the Common Law, which automatically adjudges Parliament, the Monarchy and HM Courts to have repudiated any and all claims to legitimacy by purporting to suspend that which they have no right to interfere with and implementing murderous government policies in their stead.

According to long established international law and convention, we qualify as an Oppressed People in Britain, which legitimises all forms of resistance, including the right to use as much reasonable force as is required to remove government criminals from office, in the event a Grand Jury declares that the UK Government, Parliament and the Monarchy are criminal in nature, devoid of jurisdiction and in absence of constitutional legitimacy.




4 Responses to “Broken Britain White-Collar Asset Stripping”

  1. Tapestry says:

    England withdraw from the UK? Support The English Demcrats. Nullify illegal international treaties.

    • newensign says:

      A good answer Tap. However, I still wonder how that can be achieved, with the sovereign state of the City of London in our midst? I understand there are 2 entities, The United Kingdom (a corporation) and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  2. Belyi says:

    The morons taking part in these illegal raids show up as total losers when compared with people like those in African countries who are fighting for their freedom.

    I would be very much in favour of a sort of boot camp for those arrested which they would not like at all and which might knock some sense into their empty heads.

    • newensign says:

      I agree Belyi, because their agenda is to destroy society so the looters are doing what the enemy wants that is to destroy society so the enemy must be rubbing their hands with glee – far better if they looted the enemy’s control centres!