1. Belyi says:

    ‘People want to work hard’ so that fat slobs like this can sit back and let them do all the slaving. Fortunately the world is not going in that direction.

  2. danceaway says:

    Dave, all posts require a link. Can you please add one or be sure to include in future?

    • NPP says:

      You are correct.
      However, Crystal is so full of s–t, who cares?
      You are correct though. Links are always good.
      Ever see Scott Horton debate him? How do these creatures still walk with such immunity? It’s life.

  3. Gordon says:

    Let’s face it, there’s a case that Brits are lazy. Not my words but the words of a Polish immigrant I was talking to a while back. Sadly I had to agree with her. The younger generation of Brits are lazy and not only want the best but expect the best too.

    So while they sit and talk shit frae their arse with their heads ever down in their thousand pound phones addicted to stupid games and texting their mates the hordes are entering the country to shaft them frae the back door. Then eventually when they lift their spinning heads and radiated balls and look and see through the fog that the chap they’re looking at is the immigrant who has taken their all.

    • ian says:

      Well put Gordon, but when I was young, being a good worker was something to be proud of. The Boomers as they call us were the last group with that work ethic, and where did it get us, the lowest pensions in Europe, and a government trying to kill us off and replace us with people likely unaware of what awaits them as we were, and who will be exploited and then discarded, as were were.