BBC Bunny Spring Earns Her Ears

Boing! Boing! Boing! Yippee! BBC Pravda super sleuth and disinformation correspondent Marijuanna Spring has done it again, shedding yet more dark upon The Light!

She just follows orders and has done so to such an extent that she has gained, secured, won and earned her own Bunny tail, ears and hole. BBC Verify hunt down dangerous conspiracy theories to debunk while they push and promote official, safe and effective conspiracy. They undertake such a wonderfully confusing spinning of yarns that it leaves any still awake and alert BBC license fee payer beautifully enveloped in the dark without a clue as to where the switch is. Zebedee’s niece, Marijuana Spring, let’s dangle from the corner of her lipstick smile a fake jazz cigarette while vilifying, falsifying and verifying any false and fake love, light and truth that dare question the absolute authority of the global uniparty self-appointed BBC Pravda, the most tried, tired and trusted news platform in the whole wide universe.

Obviously, like Darren Nesbit, editor of The Light in England, Gemma O’Doherty, the editor of the The Irish Light, is an evil anti-vaxxer, eats babies for breakfast, wears far-right swastika knickers, denies climate change and probably earns an absolute fortune peddling her false and fake conspiracy stories and conversational riddles and limericks in Catholic with Dr. E. Michael Jones. She’s a very, very naughty lady and indeed, even has the audacity to insist she is a lady in her own warped binary gender world, when we, the enlightened BBC listeners and viewers know there are 137 genders at the last count. Marijuanna has hunted Gemma down and exposed the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help Moloch’s Bolok.

Bunny Spring’s excellent hit-piece:
The Irish Light: Woman abused by paper which falsely said vaccine killed her son

… and one she complied earlier:
The Light: Inside the UK’s conspiracy theory newspaper that shares violence and hate

The story is reported here by yet another far-right anti-everything conspiracy platform, one whereby presenter Brian Gerrish continues to defy the regulation BBC Bunny correspondent uniform for a shirt and far-right tie:
UK Column News – 7th August 2023
Conspiracy show notes:
BBC Doesn’t Verify Yellow Card Reports—With Guest Norman Fenton
00:32 BBC: The Irish Light: Woman abused by paper which falsely said vaccine killed her son. (By Marianna Spring)
Deaths from Covid vaccines are extremely rare. UK figures record 55 deaths where the vaccine was given as the underlying cause, out of more than 50m people who have had at least one dose.
BBC Radio 4: Marianna in Conspiracyland (BBC iPlayer)
The Epoch Times: BBC Retracts Far-Right Characterisation of ULEZ Protesters
Norman Fenton on Substack: Why is the MHRA hiding critical safety data on the Covid vaccines?
Following Cheryl’s FoI [Freedom of Information request] of 13 April 2023 asking for the outcome data on the monitored pregnant women, on 19 July 2023 the MHRA stated that they had all of the information Cheryl requested but refused to release it.
End of show notes.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating Marijuanna on yet another outstanding piece of investigative presstitution and may we all sleep easier in our beds tonight knowing BBC Pravda are looking after us. Indeed, I recall pre-covid1984 BBC R4 PM’s presenter Eddie Nightmair informing us all of President Trump’s golden showers in a Moscow hotel room as allegedly accurately sourced from Sir Christopher Steele’s dossier. Thank goodness the truth always wins out and we are free to raise more funds and support for Zelensky and NATO’s associates, the Azov Battalion, the Right Sector and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists to continue fighting to the last Ukrainian and defeat Putin the Terrible Bio-Lab Slayer.

A reminder of the day Marijuanna realised she wanted her own ears and hole…

That’s all for now from Uncle Zebedee’s niece as the sun sets upon the Magic Roundabout garden and it’s once more, time for bed.

Ned Substack:

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