Another talent murdered – from the Woodstock Generation

America and Britain live by war.  Their musicians cannot be permitted to bring peace to the world.  Another one who ‘died’ at 27 – the punishment for leading a generation away from war.    Janis Joplin.

The greatest talents were eliminated by the Reptilian element – one by one – all at age 27.  Alan Wilson another.  Unforgettable.

Artists since the 1960s are controlled acts heavily censored to leave the military able to continue the slaughter of humanity, as if it’s all perfectly normal.  If any step out of line, they don’t survive for long.  How will humanity find a way to work around the Reptilians who see it as their game to keep us for evermore in a state of war, and unable to lift ourselves up to a better way.  Humans are creative beyond their imagination and able to cooperate in a non-hierarchical fashion.  This scares the watchers, who have no ability to create or cooperate themselves.  They understand fear, and control.  Humans can do better.  Our weakness is to trust when we should be very cautious of government and all hierarchical structures.  Trust only other humans who are not in the control of the power system.  Otherwise No is the only word required, or fake compliance is unfortunately more practical.


2 Responses to “Another talent murdered – from the Woodstock Generation”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Wise words Tap, I assume that they are yours? Whatever, I agree completely, whoever the author is. Just say no and stand under Natural Law. And, yes, fake compliance is fine if needs must, because you are still under Natural Law either way. But my default starting point is: “I do NOT comply”

    However, I’m not convinced that all the 27 year old deaths are as reported though. I’ve seen plenty of evidence that lots of them were part of a massive cultural psyop that ran in the sixties. And that lots of them had military links too.

    See Dave McGowan’s chronicles at his website for a start, free pdf’s of his work:

    Or his book “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream” which I found very interesting having been into lots of Laurel Canyon music in my youth

    McGowan is almost certainly a limited hangout of some sort. But still, the nature of all limited hangouts is to reveal lots of truth isn’t it, maybe not the really sensitive stuff though

    None of the above takes away from the music either, as far as I’m concerned. Some of it was really superb. I always was, still am in fact, a very big Zappa fan. Frank came from a military background too and was the Laurel Canyon head musical honcho according to McGowan. No matter, his music is absolutely brilliant, with very funny lyrics [which were years ahead of their time and quite rude] He was a superb electric guitar player too

    • Tapestry says:

      I write my posts Pete as a rule – but not every time. But then I would give a link. We all have our favourites. It was wonderful that music broke free for a while. I subscribe to the notion all the 27s were murdered. And that all musicians are tightly controlled since.